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TOPIC: THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD – PART 6 by Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla

TOPIC: THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD – PART 6 by Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla


*BIBLE TEXT: PSALMS23:2 says:*

*He MAKES ME lie down in GREEN PASTURES: he LEADS ME beside the still water*

David in this text shows that the Lord was behind every move he made and that he had God’s backing in all he does. Notice the word *He makes, he leads, he restores* etc. David was a man led by God to carry out God’s will for his life. He made us know that for us to succeed must learn to listen to his leading of God on a daily basis
The book of Philippians further buttress that point:

*For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure* – Phil.2:13

Notice that it’s God that works in us. Why? To accomplish his perfect will. Anything that doesn’t align with God’s plan cannot receive God’s blessing in fullness. Only God’s will brings pleasure to God. We must seek to know God’s will and ensure will do it. God will naturally bless his plan because it is commanded by him.

Many people are confused and labouring under close heaven because they are walking in a direction that doesn’t align with God’s plan for their lives. You can’t finish doing your wish and call God to come and bless it for you. If God is not part of the starting process, he may not be part of the finishing. It is what you commit God into at the beginning that has his full backing.

David said *He makes me lie down…..*

We must learn to do God’s will, convenient or not. One of the greatest secrets of walking with God is *finding, pursuing and fulfilling the will of God at the different stages of our lives*.

You see, anything that is God’s will always have his approval anytime. So, before taking steps on major issues, learn to ask God questions on his will.

….makes me lie down……

To *lie down* means you are resting without fear of trouble. To be lying down is a sign of all-round peace. God made David enter his rest because he has delivered him from all his enemies.

What does “to lie down in Green Pasture” means?

What does Green Pastures represent in the text?

Green means freshness. Pasture means food.
Green pasture means fresh food on daily basis.
It shows that the fountain of David’s daily supply never runs dry. If God is our shepherd and we indeed follow his leading, we would not find ourselves in the desert places. Always remember that animals don’t settle in the desert because there is no daily supply there.
If you find yourself in a location that is desert-like, don’t be intimidated by that ugly season if you are led by God into it, move on because you haven’t arrived at the promised land. When you lie down in a green pasture, you will not be in haste because food is always available.

We must also note that we would only find Green pastures where the shepherd leads us. Those who lead themselves will struggle for existence bcos they lack direction of where their allocation is located. The Shepherd knows where your green pasture is, so follow him. I

You see, God knows what is best for individuals and he will only bless us where he has assigned us to be. If we change our location without his approval, we may end up stranded.

Green pastures in the text simply mean *daily fresh supply*. God’s blessing is released on daily basis, it depends on what we can command into our lives on a daily basis. The Bible says he daily loads us with benefits- Ps 69:18

Beloved, if we don’t want the source of our flow to be shut, we must learn to daily draw from the source, the instructions needed for daily success. It simply means we have to spend time fellowshipping with him so that we can rest in his presence.

You see, when we spend time with him daily, we would learn how find, follow and fulfil his will in his own way because that is the only thing that can guarantee success in all our ways.

You see, many have gone astray trying to do what God has not ordained. They think they can make God do what he isn’t interested in. They form their plans and expect God to bless it. Beloved, it doesn’t work that way. *It’s either God is the author and finisher of the plan or he is not in it at all*… If he is not in it, he will not bless it to the fullness.

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Stay blessed
Oluwaseun Isaac Agbenla

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