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*But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.*

Before we can enjoy the biblical promise of financial prosperity, we must be obedient to biblical principles. Many of us quote Phil. 4:19, it is good and it gives us comfort when we do. I usually do that years ago even without obeying the principles behind it. But it is frustrating to be confessing a particular truth and still have no physical evidence that it works. This is the state many Christians found themselves, it seems this verse had no impact in their lives even after confessing it day and night.

What is the origin of the verse? Paul didn’t pray this prayer for all churches but for the Church in Philippi. It is not a prayer for you until the conditions behind it are fulfilled in you. Before Paul prayed this prayer, read previous verses to know what the Church in Philippi did that inspired him to pray for them for abundant supply.

In Philippians 4:10, Paul says;

I rejoiced greatly in the Lord, that now, at last, you have renewed your concern for me; indeed, you were concerned about me before, but you had no opportunity to show it

The Church in Philippi was concerned about the welfare of Apostle Paul as he works for the Kingdom of God. Are you concern about the gospel and the advancement of God’s Kingdom? Why do you want to be blessed? God said to me on October 23rd, 2014, “you are not blessed so that you can be comfortable, you are blessed so that you can be a blessing to others”.

Church members ought to be concerned about the spread of the gospel and about pastors who are serving wholeheartedly without other sources of income today like Paul. This is the genesis of the prayer Paul prayed.

In verse 14, Paul told them you did well but sharing your material blessings with me in my difficulty. They met the need for Paul in times of need.

In verse 15 & 16, Paul told them;

15. And you Philippians know that in the early days of preaching the gospel after I left Macedonia, *no church shared with me in the matter of giving and receiving except you alone;*

16. for even in Thessalonica you sent a gift more than once for my needs.

You will notice in verse 15 he praised them for being the only church that remembered him. Every pastor will pray a special prayer for you when you remember them in their time of need. It is natural for each one of us to be kind to those who care for us in our time of difficulty. If you are concerned about your pastor, he will be concerned about your challenges. This is not only about giving monetary but general support for him in his ministerial assignment.

In verse 16, we saw evidence that Paul had need. He didn’t always work as a Tent Maker in every location like some wrongfully teaches. He was in need just like every other full-time minister could have need. He was happy some people remembered him. The truth is, whenever a Christian has need whether he is a pastor or not, God lays it in the heart of another believer to supply it. It is possible they don’t yield to the leading but God will play his part but will not compel them to obey. Most importantly, if you don’t always yield, nobody is going to yield in the time of your need too. I have been led several times to plant my seed before my need will arise and I have gotten my needs met by this obedience for years and living a debt-free life. Praise God.

In Phil. 4:18, Paul says:

You have paid me in full, and I have more than enough. Now that Epaphroditus *has brought me your gifts, you have filled my needs*. Your gifts are a soothing aroma, a sacrifice that God accepts and with which he is pleased.

Do you also bring a gift to God or his servant? They sent gifts to Paul again and again until the need was fully met abundantly. God loves those who give to others. If you are not a giver, then, you cannot be a receiver. God will only bless the seed sowed.

Finally, it is not enough to claim a promise, the condition behind the promise must be practiced for the promise to be fulfilled. Praise God.

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