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*While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.*

Do you notice the text says “seedTIME and harvest? Beloved, for every increase we desire in all areas of life, a seed is required and there is a timing between the seed and the harvest. Seed is not always about money but any step taking consciously or unconsciously that produces a change in status quo. If you desire to increase spiritually, there is need for you to sow seed of time into studying your Bible more, spending time in prayer more than before and investing your money into buying books that will further enlighten you and get you growing in the Lord. All these efforts are seed sowed for your desire result. If you are a student and desire better academic performance, your will have to sow seed of time into studying for more hours, avoid partying etc to get the desired result. If married couples want to increase in fruitfulness and child bearing, the husband will not just pray about it and watch God. No, they have to come together to both sow seeds through intimacy before a baby will be formed. Whatever you sow you shall reap, consciously and unconsciously, it is just a matter of time. All these examples pointed to the fact that, no increase without a seed planted.

Brethren, I have never seen a man who sowed nothing on the group and pray for Apple to grow there and it happened. No anointed General Overseer has commanded rice and beans to grow where they are not planted. Even Jesus Christ our Lord refuses the temptation of turning stone to bread without any bread present. When they have few loaves latter, he performed same miracle by multiplying the bread. When he wanted to give wine, he used water to produce it, he did command it from heaven. Elijah asked that widow what did you have? A jar of oil was multiplied into abundance. God has taught us abundance by multiplying what we have and not blessing empty pot. God need something to work with to increase you. Anointing is not a substitute for obedience to biblical principle. Have you ever seen a man who prayed and see money under pillow miraculously. Prayer is a catalyst to increase but prayer is only potent when there is substance to act on. Beloved, in whatever areas of life that you desire to experience increase, there is something to be planted.

….SeedTIME and harvest…..

Do you notice that seed has a time before the harvest would manifest? It shows there is a time frame between the seed you sow and the harvest to expect. When you plant maize, you give it time before you can harvest. In the process, you will weed and allowed it to be watered. This is also applicable when dealing with God. There is time the seed of your prayer is sowed and there is harvest time for the manifestation. As a student, the seed of time spent in studying will not manifest until you collect your certificate. After graduation, you will receive the harvest of all hours spent in studying and doing assignment. Spiritually, you will not become a spiritual giant at once because you fasted for 40 days and Night. It takes daily walk and consistent fellowship with God to grow up spiritually. You must feed daily to grow in the physical and spiritual and it takes to become an adult even after feeding daily. So, there is a time before seed sowing and harvesting.

Finally, to increase financially also, there is need to to sow into whatever you are doing. You may have to develop your skills, enlarge your business, brand your work, cultivate excellence attitude into your work, have a good saving culture, have multiple streams of income, be wise in spending and then, sow your seed form of offering, tithe, giving to the needy, sowing into church project, sowing into the life of God’s servant as you are led and giving generally to the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

In John 12:24, the Bible says:

*Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit**.

Until your seed is planted, it remains a single seed but when it is planted, increase will follow. A maize seed will never satisfy the owner but when that good maize seed is planted, it will die for some days, then begin to come up. It will take three month for it to produce big maize fruit with a thousand new seed. You can choose to eat your maize seed or plant it. Though it takes time to see the harvest but wait for it. Meditate on this verse as we discuss it tomorrow.

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