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*For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, that you through His poverty might become rich.*

All the promises of God in the bible are true but none is automatically yours without you playing your part. This is where and why many people miss the promises of God. Every believer that doesn’t want to partner with God by taking his own responsibility to actualize God’s promise will be ended frustrated. Salvation for example is promised and guaranteed, the Scripture says whosoever call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved (Romans 10:13 ) and if you confess and believe in your heart you will be born again (Rom. 10:9-10).

Brethren, as simple as this promise is, there is a condition to it. No matter how much you claim to love God in your own mind, if you don’t confess Jesus from your heart genuinely, you will still go to hell. It is not because God hasn’t done everything needed for you to be saved but you have refused to play your part. Listen, Jesus has saved everyone 2,000 years when he died on the cross of Calvary and resurrected. He is no longer saving people or going to the cross again. All the world needs to do is to receive what has already been done for them. When you receive it by calling on God and you confess Jesus as Lord and Saviour, you will instantly be saved. It is not Jesus just saving you, it is you just receiving what has been done for you. What has kept you away for years and denied you of salvation? It is not God or Jesus, It is either your ignorance or your refusal to play your part. When each person under this heaven plays their part in the salvation requirement, they will be saved. Simple.

Likewise, the financial blessing is already a done deal. It is not a future promise but a present reality. Everyone can be financially free and receive the promise of financial freedom but it will not come by just becoming born again. You can be born again and live all your life in poverty. Salvation has financial freedom in its package but the blessing is NOT automatically yours because you are born again. *When you are born again, you are entitled to God’s blessing but it won’t manifest without you playing your role.* Salvation is simple as it requires your part to be fulfilled, this is the same with every other blessing in the Bible.

Beloved, one thing I have noticed as a cause for people’s failure to receive God’s blessing is that they don’t read the bible to know what God promised and the requirement he gave to walk in the reality of those promises. You can see all the promises in the bible and not enjoy it if you don’t meet the condition. What does the Bible say on how to get the promise is more important than the knowledge of the existence of the promise itself. This is why knowing technical-know-how should be more important to you than anything.

I discovered a few months ago that most prayers prayed in some churches are wrong prayers. Sometimes we ask God to do, what he already told us to do. We pray for things he never promised prayer will give us. For example, faith comes by hearing, reading, studying, meditating, memorizing, and practicing faith. It is said that many people don’t want to read their bible but pray all the time for faith. It is a lack of understanding. Prayer will strengthen your faith but it won’t give the faith. There is nothing like a prayer that will give or increase your faith in the bible. If you want to grow in faith, you must listen to the word of God, listen to the testimony of what the word of God can and has done, practice the little faith you have when you have a headache and you will begin to grow in faith. That is how to get faith. If you don’t have faith in headache, you will not have faith in leprosy. This is why before I ministered to the sick, the first thing I do is to get them in faith. Without faith in the people, even Jesus could not perform a mighty miracle.

Therefore, to be financially free, our focus should be on what does God expects me to do as a child of God. God has already done his side, what is my part to play. How do you find answers to these questions? Go into the word of God. Learn from tapes and teachings of those who have taken the path. You can hear a single sentence and obey it and that is all you will need but the word of God no matter how little is Germaine to success in all areas of life.

To be continued
Oluwaseun Isaac Agbenla

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