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Let him who is taught the word share in all good things with him who teaches – NKJV

The man under Christian instruction should be willing to contribute towards the livelihood of his teacher – Gal. 6:6 -Philip Translation

As a Christian, I learned to take the entire Bible seriously not just those ones that please me. I learned early that obeying the word is profitable for me.

In this verse above, the Bible gave a command that believers should share their financial resources with those who are ministering God’s Word to them. This is a continuation of Paul’s teaching on bearing each others’ burdens that he had mentioned in the previous verses. If you bear the burden of your minister in his time of need, he will bear your burden in the time of challenges.

I usually receive requests from many social media platforms to be prayed for and the majority want a financial breakthrough. The truth is, financial blessings doesn’t answer to prayer alone. In fact, prayer plays a lesser role compared to obedience to the word of God. God is not going to bless you for praying for a financial blessing, he will only bless you when you have kept his word on the principle of financial blessing. There is this egocentric teaching and prayer point in our Churches today that is centered on financial breakthrough. It is all a myth. You can pray all you care, if you won’t obey financial principles stated in the word of God, you are wasting your time. We shall be taking this financial principle one after the other very soon in the future post.

In the New Testament, there are many ways of giving to please God. We have seen the verse above that we are to give to our teachers. The bible did not say, give to them only if they are poor. Apart from the teachers, the Bible also commands that we voluntarily support the poor (Galatians 2:10) and widows (1 Timothy 5:3-16), as well as those who instructed others in the Word of God (1 Corinthians 9:7-14), that is, those you are learning from. Some people have never given anything to their Pastor of 5 years and yet claim to be practicing the Word of God. Those who don’t take care of the ones who minister the Word of God to them are hindering their own financial blessings and can’t be partaker of the grace upon such vessel. You cannot be doing all I mentioned above and have need to beg God for financial blessings.

Beloved, obedience to God’s word is more potent than 7 days marathon fast. This is why many are fasting and leaning unnecessary. I don’t spend time praying for paper money. There is nowhere in the bible that we are told to pray for money. We are told to give and it shall be given unto us. We are told to sow and we shall reap. We are told to water and we shall be water back. God promises to give us the power to get wealth, that power to get wealth includes where to sow and business to invest in. There is no promise like “pray and it shall be given unto you”.

For example, If I want to start a building project and yet to gather 1 million but sow 50k into a Church building project, some will say it is stupidity. But, that’s the easiest way to complete your own project. When you sow, God will bring it back to you in multiple. This is just what I have left to do. I need no vigil after that. I only speak God’s word to attract the harvest. That’s my understanding of biblical principles.

May the Lord bless his word in our hearts.

Oluwaseun Isaac Agbenla

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