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Topic: Your Confession Is Your Possession by: Isaac O. Agbenla

Topic: Your Confession Is Your Possession by: Isaac O. Agbenla

Topic: Your Confession Is Your Possession

Bible Text: Numbers 14:28

*So tell them, as surely as I live, declares the LORD, I will do to you the very thing I heard you say*- Numbers 14:28


Your words can make you or break you. You’re a product of your words. It’s impossible to live a life better life than your daily confessions. No one will confess defeat and become a Victor in life. Neither will you see a man that confesses always to be poor that will ever become prosperous. You are what you created yourself to be through your words. If you don’t like your life don’t just pray, change your confessions.

Check your past confessions and you will admit that your words, shape your status. It’s the words of your mouth that have created the kind of life you’re living now Or, the words you refuse to speak. When you don’t speak forth the word of life into yourself, you also deny yourself of enjoying the service of angels waiting to help you fulfill the good confessions of your mouth. I will teach on the angelic assignment soon.

What are you confessing over your husband? Your children are troublesome but do you curse them to change them? You can’t change them with a curse. Many parents make out of their children what they are. If you keep calling him/her “good for nothing”, they may never be good for anything if they don’t pray their way through in life.

Every child has a tendency to end up becoming what their parent call them… Stupid boy, silly girl, irresponsible boy, etc… Those words will produce effects in their lives with time if we are not careful to rebuke it. Watch your tongue so that it will not put you down in life.

The husband has spiritual authority over the wife. The wife has the same over children. The wife has some level over the husband. Your Pastor has over you. Beware of what everyone who has authority over you says to your life. Although it doesn’t work without a cause.

Your tongue can give you victory over all unpleasant situations. Your words can change the tides in your favor. The storm can become calm if you confess positively in the midst of that situation. Your victory is in your confessions.

You can confess success instead of failure. Though you have been failing before, you can get up and tell yourself “I will never fail again”. Maybe you’ve been facing disappointment before, tell yourself I will never be disappointed again.

Brethren, there is power in our tongue. We create our world with it. We mold our future with our words. I have seen people pray and pray with little results because their confession doesn’t agree with their prayer. They pray well and confess negatively. Your confession has a lot to do with your possession. Look through the Bible and write out the promises of God concerning your situation. Recite and meditate on them. You have quoted the devil’s plan for your life enough, try to quote God’s plan for your life as written in his Word.

The confessed word is Rhema. The best of Logos(written word) will only be manifested when it turns Rhema in your mouth. Speak it, believe it and you will get it.

Stop confessing sickness and failure because they aren’t God’s will. Lack is not God’s portion because Jesus already became poor so that we through his poverty might be made rich.

2 Cor. 8:9 says:

*For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sake, he became poor so that you through his poverty might become rich*.

*NOTE*: You can pray all you like, if you won’t change your confessions, you will not be better or see changes. God works with your words. Angels wait for your words to act and perform it. So far it’s the Word of God in your mouth, angels will make sure it comes to pass in your life.

Listen to this:

*Praise the LORD, you angels, you mighty ones who carry out his plans, listening for each of his commands.* Psalm 103: 20.

When you say evil, you reap it but when you confess according to the Bible, the angels are committed to bringing it to pass because they are sent to minister(serve) to us.

Hear this:

In Hebrews 1:14, the Bible says:

*Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to SERVE those who will inherit salvation?*

Angels are waiting for you to speak the right words. Don’t waste another week complaining. I have seen people speak God’s word to victory but I am yet to see someone who complains to victory. Complaining will only prolong your days of visitation. Stop complaining & start confessing God’s promises.

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