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TOPIC: GET OUT: The Mystery Behind The Making Of Great Men In The Kingdom_ by: Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla

TOPIC: GET OUT: The Mystery Behind The Making Of Great Men In The Kingdom_ by: Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla

*_TOPIC: GET OUT: The Mystery Behind The Making Of Great Men In The Kingdom_*

*_Bible Text: Acts 7:3_*

*” _And said unto him, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and come into the land which I shall shew thee_”*.

If you ever hear this voice and did not move, you may be moved out empty in life. This is a majestic voice directs man and woman to where they are made for the advancement of the kingdom of God.

There are different ways God raises his generals and one of them is by leading them to the wilderness or outside their domain to be raise for his kingdom. Wilderness could mean; the desert place, out of sight of your kindred that is, far away from family and friends, or taking to a strange land until the time of preparation is fully accomplished.

For example;

God raised Moses first in the place, not his family house. He then sent him on exile as a fugitive to be trained by Jethro for another 40 years. (Acts 7:29-30)

John the Baptist was a favorite child but that majestic voice led him into the wilderness in preparation for the Kingdom assignment. (Matt. 3:1-3)

David as second to the youngest child should be more at home but his destiny requires being trained at the back of the city with flocks. He was made there, called to be king from there and uses his experience there to advance God’s Kingdom when he defeated Goliath. ( 1 Sam. 17:34)

Joseph on the other hand was a preferred child and could have enjoyed the best treatment at home under his father’s tutelage but God needs the houseboy and prisoner experience before he can become a prime minister. You must “Get Out”. (Gen. 37,38-59)

Paul was privileged to be trained and mentored at first by Ananias after conversion but God would still prefer to raise some his general outside the sight of their kindred when he led him to Asia for three years. (Gal. 1:17-18)

Jesus our Lord didn’t start his ministry without proper preparation in the wilderness. He could have avoided it but showed us an example to learn from that every wilderness experiences is a preparation stage (Matt. 4:1)

Beloved, If God tells you to move out and you refuse to, you may not amount to much in life. Some people stayed back in their village to the detriment of their destiny. Imagine Abraham disobeyed God (Gen. 12:1-3), a whole generation would have perished and his name would have been silent forever.

It could be a test to confirm your readiness to abandoned everyone and everything else for the advancement of God’s kingdom on earth. It could also be a timely warning to keep you from destiny destroyer until you are fully made into indestructible and well-fortified for the destruction of God’s enemies.

Family members are the closest people to us emotionally most times. God could start your profession of love to him but asking you to get out. It is not always easy though.

The 12 apostles left all including their own to be with Jesus ( Matthew 19:27, Luke 18:28, Mark 10:28). Some of the apostles left their family without ceremonial sent forth (Matt. 4:20, Mark 1:18).

In the case of Elisha, he bid his people farewell and said goodbye to them with no record of ever seeing them again (1 Kings 19:21). This is of the utmost price some general paid to be what they are today. Sometimes, it is not a total separation but while serving God, it will cost your time and many people have to be secondary in your life because God is primary.

Who is the wife of John the Baptist? What about Philip and James? Does it mean they didn’t marry, I believe they do. But there is no much time that even the Bible had no record of their family members. Peter was married because Jesus ministered to the woman. Even the encounter was when Jesus was going in company with disciples preaching here and there.

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