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TOPIC: HOW TO KNOW AND FOLLOW GOD’S WILL – PART 3 By: Isaac O. Agbenla Bible: 1 Sam. 8:4-5

TOPIC: HOW TO KNOW AND FOLLOW GOD’S WILL – PART 3  By: Isaac O. Agbenla  Bible: 1 Sam. 8:4-5


By: Isaac O. Agbenla

Bible: 1 Sam. 8:4-5

Yesterday, we considered two reasons why people ended with the imperfect will of God which are;

1. Inability to hear from God and accurately
2. Free will. Today,

Today, we shall explore a few more reasons why people enter or walk in God’s imperfect will.


In 1 Samuel 8:5, the bibles says

*And said unto him(Samuel), behold, thou art old, and thy sons walk not in thy ways: now make us a king to judge us LIKE ALL THE NATIONS.*

We see here that the children of Israel enter God’s imperfect will just by allowing what others are doing to influence their decisions. They want to copy other nations just as many of us today want to be like someone else.

Someone says *” Life is the most difficult exam, many people fail because they try to copy others, not realizing that everyone has a different question paper”*.

It is better to seek God’s face in prayer to know His will for your own life than following others to do what they are called to do.


In Exo.32:1, the bible tells us how the children of Israel were impatient when Moses went to the mount. They made themselves another God and called for the wrath of God. Sometimes, our timing is not the same as that of God. Many do not want to endure at all. They want everything done as quick and possible and because of this, they ended up in God’s imperfect will. If you remember very well the story of Saul the king. He rushed to make the sacrifice instead of waiting for Samuel to arrive. He lost his place in destiny forever. God never intended to use David as a king at all.

In fact, Samuel said to Saul that God would have established your kingdom forever but he wasn’t patient enough and lose the privilege of being the king that his lineage would have ruled forever in Jerusalem- 1 Sam.13:8-end…

You see, many brothers and sisters are likewise not patient enough for God’s will. They prefer to have their way and usually crash before time. Your husband or wife will not pass you by if you’re in God’s will. God will tell you when it’s time if you are indeed walking with God. Don’t allow what others are saying about late marriage to affect your decisions because you will live to endure it alone forever. When it was time to know God’s will for me in marriage, God told me it is time. I didn’t beg God to tell me because I have been walking in his plan for my life over the years. When I wanted to buy my first car, God told me, it’s time to get a car. I have wanted to buy and he said not yet. Learn to follow God’s will, all will fall in place.


Sometimes, we are carried away by the system of the society that we want to join them and do it the way they are doing it. In many societies, pulling others down to get to where you are going is not regarded as an evil practice. Can you imagine a Christian who indulges unholy things to please a holy God? Is that God’s way of fulfilling the goal he has set before us?

Many want to outsmart God to fulfill the goals and vision He has given them. When a minister of God seek other demonic means to increase church, isn’t that absurd? Sarah almost led Abraham astray. If Abraham had waited on God for the fulfillment of the promise, we would not have had dangerous Islamic decree have today. Our human understanding cannot just fathom the ways of God.

Likewise, you need not to help God to seduce a man He has promised you if you truly see your vision well. Do you remember the story of Jacob and Esau? Jacob outsmarts his brother through cunning means. In my opinion, I strongly believe God has other ways of making Jacob greater than his brother even if he doesn’t tricky his brother to obtain the blessing.

Finally, brethren, not all good actions are God’s will. Sometimes, *an action might be good and yet God is not in it.* This is one of the mysterious ways of God.

For example, David wanted to build for God a house but God sent Nathan to go tell David not to build Him a house. It is a good thing to build God’s house but not acceptable at that time as far as God is concerned. 1 Chronicles 17:3-4.

Thanks for reading
Oluwaseun Isaac Agbenla
The Oracle of God
God Bless you

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