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TOPIC: HELPERS OF DESTINY by Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla

TOPIC: HELPERS OF DESTINY by Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla


Jesus needed his helpers of destiny to save him from Herod’s pronouncement. Mary & Joseph saved Jesus from physical destruction & Jesus in return saved the whole world from eternal destruction.

Brethren, there is no level you will get to that you will be self-sufficient without you needing helpers of destiny.

Our Lord at a time needs motherly care and guidance to live right. He was not born with the knowledge of how to brush his teeth and bathe himself. Someone actually taught him how to read and write. Someone must have guided him from taking alcohol and also reminded him that he is not ordinary.

What about Moses? What would have become of his destiny if his siblings were not available to care and nurture him to maturity?

What about Joseph? Someone helped him from dying as a prisoner. His parents were not there, but the king’s cupbearer was assigned for his change of level. The fact that your parents are not alive again is not a setback to your life. Jesus is the best parent you can ever have.

What about Esther? Mordecai was her messiah. She would have died together with her brother at the gate.

You see, helpers of destiny can come in different forms. Some may even be maids in your house like that of Naaman’s maid who told his boss how to get cured from leprosy.

You see, receiving help has nothing to do with the number of friends you move about with. You can have 100 friends if they are not adding value to your life, you are in a wrong ship.

Anyone that is not adding value to your life is not a friend worth having. Friendship should be a mutual association, not parasitic type.

Helpers of destiny are those people or someone sent to help you fulfill your destiny. They may be younger or older than you. Whoever is privileged to add grease to your elbow is worth having as a friend.

You see, only irrelevant & lazy people fight for recognition. Your worth is either in your words or your works. Something is already in you that will announce you to your helpers. Excellence cannot be hidden. It’s a matter of time, it will surely find its way out.

Helpers sometimes don’t look like they are one. Their appearance may not speak much. The Bible encourages believers to entertain strangers because unknown to many, they are entertaining angels.

Don’t mock a man who has God as his greatest ally. He may not look rich but your destiny may be attached to them. You mock them today and regret it tomorrow. Don’t look down on anyone that is called by the name of the Lord. They may appear nobody today but maybe he is the one to hold pillars of your staircase tomorrow as you want to climb.

Joseph was a slave boy at a time, those who knock will live to regret it later. He was a prisoner thereafter, many would have counted him as nobody that would never amount to anything in life. But then, he became the ruler in Egypt because the one with the key to store determines your longevity.

I have seen such a reverse of the order of importance and relevance in this short life. Some secondary school mates don’t know much but amount to much why those who seem to be leading manage to get headway In life. This life shaaaaa…

Success is not only a function of how intelligent you are. You may think you will never need someone but sooner than later, you will soon beg them for assistance at the most crucial time. Nobody is worthless I have learned and wish you could agree with it. We all have worth. Even a gateman may decide the safety of a billionaire tomorrow.

Do you know your maid can kill or save you? Your children’s life and health will be determined by the way you treat your maid. Punish them, they retaliate and experiment beatings with your kids.

Finally, be kind to all. Don’t think you are not going to need anybody’s help. You can’t fulfill destiny alone. Eagles fly alone but they still relate with their kinds.

Jesus needed his parents before and after birth and the parents needed him to have rest & eternal life.

Isaac O. Agbenla
Oracle of God

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