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The most commonly used word for depression in the Bible is heaviness. The word heaviness is used 14 times in the Bible and all portray depression. Depression is a spirit and until it is dealt with accordingly, any form of freedom from it can only be temporal. Depression always has a root. Nobody becomes depressed without a cause. It is therefore important to note that until the root cause of depression is properly addressed, freedom is not guaranteed.

Depression is a strange illness because only the depressed can explain what the internal struggles are like. In chronic cases of depression, the person sees no reason to live even when they are still alive. They are tired of everything because a lying spirit is manipulating them.

Depression causes hatred for self, self-affection, inability to see anything good about oneself, blaming self for past mistakes and failures. It weighs its victim down in the soul and causes dissatisfaction and lack of interest in self-development. Spirit of depression is an evil spirit, a personality that studies us, knows our weaknesses and uses that weakness to attack us at our weakest time. Depression keeps people under the burden and heavy spiritual yoke that is hard to cast off. It is a weight that causes weariness to the spirit and discourages victims from pursuing other good plans. Depression causes people to feel ashamed and unworthy.

Many depressed people are victims of lies devil told them about themselves. They lack understanding of their own worth and value. They live at the mercy of people for self-appraisal thereby living to please people and struggling to be perfect for acceptance before people. The devil usually uses their wrongs to put them in bondage and destroy their image and personality through their minds. The devil makes them think they are somehow flawed, substandard, unworthy, filthy and inferior. Because of this wrong presentation of their person before them, they live their lives trying to prevent others from seeing their flaws.
David as great as he was fell into depression during darks days of his life. Anybody can be a victim if the acquired knowledge of the Word of God is not rightly applied.

In Ps 69:20, David says:
“Reproach has broken my heart; and I am full of heaviness (depression): and I look for someone to pity me, but there was none; and I also look for comforters, but I found none”

Notice from the verse above that, reproach can cause depression. Rejection, resentment, loneliness etc can lead to depression.
David was looking for someone to have pity on him but none. Self-pity is usually associated with depression
David needed a comforter but none. Many people who suicide are suffering from depression and have nobody to comfort them and some didn’t speak out because the demon lied to them about speaking out to people who could be of help.

Beloved, during trials and temptations, we must be conscious not to allow the spirit of depression to hijack our thought. It is normal to react badly to something that is not right in our lives but allow the wrong spirit to manipulate our situation can be disastrous. Even Paul the apostle himself was not spared from the heaviness of the mind because of the challenges he encountered in his ministerial assignment (2 Cor. 2:1, Rom. 9:2).

1. Suicidal thought
2. Continuous sadness
3. Guilt
4. Self-pity
5. Personality disorder
6. Self-condemnation
7. Complains about self
8. Grief
9. Holding grudges
10. Unending Sorrow
12. Withdrawing from people
13. Heaviness in the mind
14. Loss of strength and vitality to excessive thinking.

No matter how happy a depressed person may be now, depression will always return to them when they are alone. The victory of a depressed person is temporal when they around people because internal battles resume when they are alone.
In Prov. 14: 13, the bible says:
“Even in laughter the heart (of a depressed person) is sorrowful, and the end of that happiness is depression”.
It means a depressed person may be laughing now to camouflage but there is the sorrow within the smile.
1. Manifold Temptations: 1 Pet. 1:6
2. Negative words or news: Phil. 2:26
3. Abuse of trust:
4. Maltreatment by others that portrays individual valueless.
5. As a result of shame suffered because of past or present sin.
6. Reproach, rejection, resentment and continuous sorrow
7. Some parents are depressed because of sorrow caused by their children- Prov. 10:1
8. Disobedience to godly instruction: Prov. 14:12-14


1. Accept that it is spirit and it is real

2. You must be born again genuinely

3. Pray for the comfort of the Holy Spirit: Job 9:27 “ if I say, I will forget my complaint, I will leave off my heaviness (depression) and COMFORT MYSELF”. Job tried to comfort himself but he failed. Holy Spirit is our great comforter.

4. Pray for the Garment of praise instead of the spirit of heaviness: Isaiah 61:3. God promised us a garment of praise that will turn our sorrow and mourning to joy. When you receive that garment of praise, it naturally terminates all forms of sorrow and sadness.

5. Be determined not to allow depression again: 2 Cor. 2:1

6. Be acquainted with the word of God- John 8:31-32


By:  Isaac O. Agbenla

Whatsapp: +2348035913010


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