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TOPIC: PRAYER CHANGES DESTINY TEXT: 1 Chro. 4:9-10 by: Isaac O. Agbenla

TOPIC: PRAYER CHANGES DESTINY  TEXT: 1 Chro. 4:9-10 by: Isaac O. Agbenla


TEXT: 1 Chro. 4:9-10.

It says:

*And Jabez was more honourable than his brethren: and his mother called his name Jabez, saying, Because I bare him with sorrow*

*And Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying, Oh that thou would bless me indeed, and enlarge my coast, and that thine hand might be with me, that thou would keep me fromthe evil that it may not grieve me! AND GOD GRANTED HIM THAT WHICH HE REQUESTED*

It is not what people think or say about you that will determine your destiny but what you think about yourself (Prov.23:7) and your relationship with God. Even if you are closely related to God as a son/daughter, you must be ready to change the course of history and evil proclamation pronounced on you through prayer.

Listen, If you have been told that you are a failure in life, a child of sorrow, a good for nothing etc, tell them through your life in Christ that their voice doesn’t count. No man can determine the extent you can go in life but God and you because you also have a role to play if you must make a mark in life. Not even the devil can stop you if you are rooted and obedience in Christ Jesus.

You see, Jabez didn’t wait for anybody to help him but he stood firmly before the throne of grace and reversed the evil things written about his name and destiny.

Listen, you may not be the favourite of your father or mother but God can make you the chief cornerstone of your family like you if you indeed surrender all to him and serve him diligently. You see, by human calculations, David doesn’t have what it takes and was because of that left in the back of the wilderness to watch over the sheep but in God’s agenda, David was the King of Israel.

In fact, people will come and tell you that you are not qualified, let them know that you have God who is the qualifier of the unqualified.

Beloveth, I have learned to trust God more than any mortal man. I know if God is indeed my strength and my trust, I will always triumph and succeed exceedingly.

In verse 9, the Bible says Jabez was more honourable. I have always thought honourable there means good until I studied deeper. The word honorable in that verse is from the Greek word *kâbad kâbêd* which means to be heavy,*that is, in a bad sense to be burdensome.

You see, It is possible you are like a burden to people around you. Maybe they are tired that you haven’t gotten a job or got married thereby getting tired of your life. Prayer is the key. Prayer until your joy is full.

Some people may not see anything good in your birth and development. Your trusted friends and siblings may even think you are not likely to make headway but if God of Israel is the God you are still serving, you will surely surpass their target and cause them to be silenced over your case forever. Those who limit you will end up visiting you for support.


Jabez prayed to God of Israel. Today, God is the God of all flesh not only the God of Israel. You know what, God is more available to everyone that call upon him today more than in the days of Jabez because Jesus has broken down the middle of partition between man and God thereby paving way for us even gentiles to enter into his gate boldly -Heb.4:16, through the blood that was shed and sprinkled over us. Glory to God. Call on God today and he will change your situation.

Before you can expect a change of situation indeed, you must be born again. If you are not born again, your prayers will likely be a waste. Settle your life with God and heaven will open for you to release your blessings.
Praise God.
By: Oluwaseun Isaac Agbenla

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