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Bible: Ps 53:5

*There were they in great fear, where no fear was: for God has scattered the bones of him that encamped against thee: thou has put them to shame, because God has despised them*

Fear is your enemy no matter how small it is. It’s the opposite of faith. Many people justify the kind of fear they have & conjure excuses for having it. Any form of fear that is not the fear of God is a lack of faith.

Our text says many people allow great fear in their lives where there is no even fear.

What could this mean?

You see, many things you fear are nothing. Many things that bring fears to you are not worthy to give you any headache. That’s what the verse is saying. It’s simply saying, instead of you to focus on real thing, you allow the devil to create unnecessary fear in you.

Listen, I know some would have been saying “it’s because you don’t know what am passing through”. Forget it, no matter what you are passing through or expecting, fear will never deliver it into your hands.

Can I tell you one truth?

Fear will hinder your faith & ruin your answers to prayer. Devil will attempt to make you jittery over unmet expectations but that shouldn’t bother you. You fear so much because you have forgotten so early how God helped you the last time you were in trouble.

For example, maybe you’re believing God for a future partner, there is nothing under this heaven that should make fear because the time people call late is according to man’s timing. What has your friend’s timing have to do with your own destiny? It’s becoming late you will say but it doesn’t change the fact that God hasn’t forsaken you. I do not say you cannot intensify your prayers but you can’t pray in fear. Relax because it’s God’s responsibility to fix you up.

However, you must be sure you’re in fellowship with God so that you won’t miss his lead at due time. Many people have missed God’s leading because of their carnal lifestyle. If you’re not walking with God then you’re responsible for your own delay in life.

Waiting time is not a waste. Prepare yourself for the glory ahead

*There were they in great fear where there was no fear*…..

Another example of what people fear is witches, wizards, family curses, etc….

You see, as I said earlier, there is no fear in this one also. Why should you fear the devil and everything the devil is doing?. We’re not told to worry about the devil but to cast out devils. *Worry is a sign that you’re defeated when you haven’t even try*.

A knowledgeable Christian with a clear understanding of who they are in Christ needs not to worry about the devil because he is already defeated and we are raised together with Christ in high places far above devil and all his demonic angels. We are no longer in their class.Eph.1:17-23, Eph. 2:6. Jesus has triumph over him and handed us His victory. We are victors because we are in Christ.

Let me show you God’s perspective about those you are scared of… The verse continued

*…………..For God has scattered the bones of them that encamped against thee…….*

Can you see the enemies you are worried about? You see, your lack of faith is the reason you look defeated and maltreated by the devil. They are broking bones but you are seeing them as giant. How I wish all Christians will have a clear understanding of who they are in Christ.

Beloved, you shouldn’t be worried about battles God will win easily. It takes a lion heart to take your lion share of God’s glory and sufferings.

My Beloveth, the other parts says *thou has put them to shame because God has despised them*

When God has called a case over, it’s already over. Don’t worry about it again. Rest in the Lord and watch Him fight for you. You can’t make God do his responsibility by worrying yourself. God doesn’t need your encouragement or sympathy before he acts. He is always ready to help you. Your responsibility is to pray to him about it and have faith in Him.

Oluwaseun Isaac Agbenla

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