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Hello Saints,

Do you feel you are in the wrong place doing something you don’t really have passion for?

How happy are you with activities that consume your time on a daily basis?

Having answered those questions, I believe there is someone who is not satisfied, thirsty and hungry in his/her soul. The solution to your hungry heart *is staying in the will of God for your life*. You must know it, pursue it and fulfill it otherwise, the emptiness will continue.

Nothing brings frustration like being in a wrong vocation & location. You can be earning millions and still be unsatisfied with life. There may be an empty space in you calling for satisfaction.

Maybe you have watched someone doing something and something within you kept on telling you that you are born and programmed to be that kind of person in the assignment.

Beloved, what are you hungry for? A man without passion for something is either dead or dying. You are programmed for a purpose and until you have occupied that place, fulfillment and satisfaction can’t come.

Not knowing the will of God and what you are programmed for is not as devastating as knowing you are born for this purpose and yet not doing what you know to be your purpose in life.

You see, you will always be a terror in another man’s territory. If it’s not your territory, then, you are not wanted there because you are only building for others to occupy and fulfilling other people’s visions for them.

The fear of how would I start is real and most times raised by the enemy of your soul. Devil will create fear of the unknown like — *where will you start from*? *How much can that idea offer you*? *what will your family feed on*? Etc.

Listen, if you fear to fail you will end up a failure. Fear of failure will keep you unsatisfied with your present state and hinder you from the glory that will follow your breaking new grounds. Devil will never encourage you to follow the path of freedom. He is satisfied with your consistent failure and incapacitated status.

If you don’t start today by satisfying your soul and doing what your heart desires, you will start each year with guilt and lament of not starting earlier.

Start early
Fulfill your dreams
Pursue your vision
Don’t be intimidated by man
Don’t fear false evidence of failure
You actually haven’t failed until you have tried and tried and tried and tried until you hit the gush and win the contest.

By: Oluwaseun Isaac Agbenla
Happy Sunday

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