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*Blessed is the man that walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, not stand in the way of sinners, nor sit in the seat of the scornful*

I have emphasized in our previous teaching that good counsel can at best come from God. Man can be instrumental in the decision-making process but God should be our ultimate counselor. Every counsel from man must be scrutinized by the word of God to ensure its alignment with the word of God.

Isaac the son of Abraham got his counsel from God and he prospered. You see, many things God is telling us today may not seem to go well with us because of our inability to see what the future holds.

God’s counsel is sometimes irrational to our little faculty because we think there should be a better way of doing it. We are so limited in our understanding that we think about today not minding the greater consequences of tomorrow.

You see, God may be correcting you today about moral uprightness and you see it as too hard for you but with time, you will understand that it is purposely because God wants to save you from destruction and future regret. God may be counseling you on why you need to drop the unholy relationship you find yourself but you are adamant, it may be because God knew the guy or the lady is not genuine and may cause you pains for the rest of your life.

You see, we don’t have to suffer hardship in life if only we learn to obey God’s word without procrastination. There are two ways to learn in life, through the Word of God or hard knock with pains and regrets. I have suffered a hard knock from God before and vowed since then, never to disobey God’s will in any matter again till death.

For example, if a doctor tells you if you don’t stop taking milk, you will die in ten years’ time. What do you do? You stop it immediately but when God’s word says stop committing adultery and fornication otherwise God will permit the devil to destroy your flesh for polluting his temple (1 Cor.3:17), some people will ignore the danger warning with impunity but when the report of disobedience come, they run to God for help. God will have mercy but it’s better to listen to God now than to come with sickness.

Note: Samson’s hair grew again after he fell into enemies’ hands because of immorality but his eyes never returned. He died a blind man. God will forgive all sins but the scar may never heal till death.

Through God’s counsel, Isaac sowed in the land against all odds. Although the councel doesn’t make sense to human understanding. People were leaving the land for a greener pasture but God told Isaac to stay put and sow in the land. If you were the one planning to travel out of Nigeria because of economic hardship and recession and God told you to stay put and invest that hundreds of thousand you are spending on visa processing in Nigeria, would you obey? The answer is no to the majority. I was once in that shoe and thank God I obeyed the Lord.

Beloved, you can’t be smarter than God. Listen to wise counsel from the creator of heaven and earth. Your blessing is not in where you choose for yourself but in where he chooses for you. If God has not allocated your breakthrough abroad, you may need to look above and ask before you embark on the journey abroad because your help is not coming from abroad but from above- Ps 121:1-2

You see, many things are logically right but not spiritually right. There was famine in the land no doubt. Isaac went to King Abimelech to inform him of his relocation which is what every normal person would do in such a situation most especially when all you do for a living is attached to rainfall.

You see, men that walk with God don’t always look normal to the wise because God often uses the foolish thing of this world to confirm the wise. People who have other sources of income might decide to wait but it is irrational for a farmer to stay in the desert hoping for an increase. So Isaac took the right step by telling the King his desire to relocate to a place where water will be sufficient.

Gen.26:2 says:

*And God appeared unto him, and said, Go not down to Egypt; dwell in the land which I shall tell thee of. Sojourn in this land and facebook ll be with you and I will bless thee*

Many people have embarked on a journey to Egypt only to come back disappointed. Egypt seems to be a land of abundance and good weather condition but that wasn’t God’s will for Isaac.

Some see Egypt in some guys/ladies because they are well to do and abandoned their promise land for Egyptian girl/guy only to come back disappointed. God will only work base on his will not popular vote.

People have changed location in the name of the economic boom but there are poor people in every developed nation. No matter how good the economy of a nation is, there are people living below the standard. It’s not always about where things are happening but where God wants us to be at a time. People may be making it abroad, if God has not allocated your blessing abroad, going there won’t amount to much.

If God says your blessing is in your land, never bother to travel out. This is why it is of utmost importance to seek the face of God before taking any crucial decisions in our life.

Beloved, what is good for brother A might not be God’s plan for brother B. In fact, God never used the same methodology again throughout the whole scripture in the case of Isaac. It further shows that God has many ways of settling each individual. Never use someone else plan to formulate yours except you have guidance from the Holy Spirit. Always learn to know what is in the mind of God for you as a person.

By: Oluwaseun Isaac Agbenla


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