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Blessed is the man that walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, not stand in the way of sinners, nor sit in the seat of the scornful

Yesterday we considered the meaning of walking in the counsel of the ungodly. This morning, I have a strong urge to teach more along this line and give biblical examples of wrong counsel that caused unforgettable marks in the world we are today.

*ABRAHAM:* There is no doubt that Abraham married the right woman according to the will of God. Even at that, Sarah gave wrong counsel in the midst of challenges. It is human nature to seek an alternative route when faced with challenges. As human beings, it is hard to give perfect counsel most especially when we are in the storm with the victim. The pain of trials and temptation can influence our decision under duress.

For example, Apostle Peter, the leading apostle gave Jesus wrong counsel if not for Jesus’ sensitivity to the Holy Spirit (Mark 8:33).

The wife of Job gave him destructive counsel against God – Job 2:9

Jesus Christ our Lord wished and prayed to come down from the cross at a point when the pain was unbearable. Thanks be to God that he endured till the end. As highlighted yesterday, there is no better source of counsel like the word of God. It has the best and most accurate counsel.

However, after seeking God’s face, God could lead us to the human vessel that he trusted to give us good counsel.

Born again Christians can miss God in the midst of trials and temptations if their mind is not renewed. Sarah was not ungodly but circumstances beclouded her that she could no longer wait for the promise of God. She gave her maid to the husband which was against the promise of God to Abraham. Sarah is still responsible for the wrong counsel that has left behind for the world — Islam, which birthed crisis as a reward for Abraham’s failure to consult with God before accepting the counsel of Sarah.

No matter who gives the advice, never dabble into it until you have crosscheck with the word of God. What God is saying is more important than what your entire family or church members are saying. Some things are in vogue in the world today but they aren’t God’s will. For example, forgery of birth certificate and traveling papers to elope abroad are normal today even among the Christian circles but that doesn’t make it right. If God wants you to be in England, you will not need to forge any paper before he will take you there. These are little tests of integrity.

You see, any counsel that contradicts the word of God is not the right counsel. You are advised to fornicate to keep the guy? You can’t win a man by sex and not lose him to someone who is better than you in sexual escapades. So, that is not the biblical way of finding a husband.

You see if you learn to listen to God and follow his plan and purpose for your life daily, to get the right man or woman won’t be a problem. You see, I have lived by these principles for years and can testify it works. God made it known to me it was time to pray for his will in marriage, I did that and He did it. He led me and confirm his perfect will. God is not as hard as people are portraying.

You see, don’t live like a prodigal son who returns to his father only after he has met his waterloo. Many of us want to live our lives without God’s authority and still want him to put his blessing on the life we live to please ourselves not him. People don’t like to walk with God or wait on God until the promise is matured. They become regular in God’s presence only when they have regular problems.

Beloved, take counsel serious if you want to go far in life. Prov. 8:14 says:

*Counsel is mine, and sound wisdom: I am understanding and I have strength*

There is nothing you want to learn that God can’t teach you. Seek the face of God before you ask for humans’ counsel. Don’t neglect the throne of grace. Don’t stay away from your heavenly Father. He is wisest and best counselor. He has a solution to all our frustrations.

God loves you. Wait on him. Seek his face. Humble yourself before Him. Drop your will and let his will for your life prevail. Then, he would take over and make your life full of testimonies.

By: Oluwaseun Isaac Agbenla

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