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Blessed is the man that walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, and in the way of sinners, nor sit in midst of the scornful*

Other words for the word “blessed” in our golden verse are; happy, fortunate. We can, therefore, read the first phase as “the man that walks not in the counsel of the ungodly shall be fortunate and happy”. What a blessing! This is one of the secrets of a successful life that the majority have neglected yet wanting to be successful in life.

The principles of God are simple but failure to walk in the light of this truth can ruin God’s plan for someone’s life. The longevity of life, financial breakthrough, material blessings, and spiritual blessings all answer to proper implementation of the verses in Chapter 1:1-4 of the first book of Psalm.

Every other principle in this Bible can be summarized within this context. So I encourage you to follow as we dig deep into this teaching.

The bible says: a man will be blessed or happy if he walks not in the counsel of the ungodly. To walk means to take steps after another consistently. Counsel means to give a piece of advice. Ungodly refers to as wicked unsaved people.

The phase is therefore saying, don’t take steps in life or make decisions of your life by taking counsel from people who are ungodly in their ways. Simple.

Beloved, take a look back in your mind and consider the source of all your advice that leads to joy and peace and also considers all sources of advice that almost ruin good plans God has for you. The source of your counsel will determine your success in life. How far you will go in life will determine by the counsel available to you when you are taking critical decisions about your future.

Our number one counselor should be the Holy Spirit. There is no knowledge he doesn’t know. God’s counsel may be hard for our flesh and carnal mind but then, it is the best. So, the word of God is the second source of good counsel. There is no solution you want that cannot be found in the Word of God. Lastly, seek counsel from men or women that are spiritually, emotionally and mentally mature. Let God lead you the right people. Some pastors can’t give good advice. The title does not guarantee wise counsel.

Brethren, those who advise you to drink, smoke, go into fraud, fight your husband and ignore services in your life will play a crucial role in your destiny.

From the beginning of the world until today, a lot of people have risen and fallen through the piece of advice they receive from people very close to them. Your adviser can be your adversary. Beware! Those who counsel you have a greater impact on your life than those who fight or mock you.

Your destiny is determined by your trusted counselors.

Beloved, who is your mentor? What kind of company do you keep? Always check if they are going forward or backward in life. Do you surround yourself with people who are succeeding or with those who have given up? Never keep company with those who talk unbelief and discouragement into you.

In Prov. 13:20, the bible says:

“keep company with the wise and you will be wise. If you make friends with stupid people, you will babe ruined”

Beloved, don’t be deceived whoever you listen to will determine your mindset and pattern of life. You may not even have many wise people around you but get their books, tapes, materials and listen to them through that medium.

I love Pastor Adeboye, Mike Murdock, Mensa Otabil, Kenneth Hagin, Matthew Ashimolowo, etc. I listen to successful people in specific areas to change my mindset and be transformed in those areas. Don’t follow foolish people on social media. Follow men who matter in their endeavors. Follow rich and spiritual colossus to know their way of thinking.

Mike Murdock once said: Where you will be in five years’ time will be determined by two things. The books you read and the people you move with. Surround yourself with immoral friends and you end up stylishly in immorality. Look carefully into the lives of people who feed your minds with words to know if they are on the right path themselves.

Blessed is that man that walks not in the counsel of the ungodly. Don’t walk in it. The word of God is a light that shines in all areas of life. Stay with the word of God for direction and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in all your ways.

By Oluwaseun Isaac Agbenla
The Oracle of God

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