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TEXT: 1 Cor. 3:3

For ye are yet carnal: for whereas there is among you envying, and strife, and divisions, are ye not carnal and walk as men? -1 Corinthians 3:3 KJV

Envy is a deadly sin that has lasted as much as the creation of man. It is a grudging admiration and desire to have something that is possessed by another person. It is a kind of ill-feeling and resentment people have at the sight of another man’s success. It is the cause of dissatisfaction and murder as seen in Cain when he killed his brother Abel.

Envy cut across offices from religious to government houses. It has reduced men to nothing in their search for recognition. When there is envy, there will be competition for notice. It usually portrays the level of childishness of the person who is possessed with this attitude.

Beloved, when you are feeling unease and inconvenient with the success and superior excellence of colleagues, you are already caught up in the act of envy. Do you feel discontent, fret, grieved at another man’s superiority for no reason, that you are wishing or thinking you should have been the one to be honored or accord those accolades? You may need to repent.

Why do you feel unhappy and discouraged when the effort of a friend, staff in the same office or junior colleague is appreciated? Why do you feel unhappy at the progress of others? Why are you so bitter when you hear good news of another man’s promotion? All these are envious attitude which is rooted and springs from pride, ambition, and love for self-glorification which has eaten you up that you think someone else has obtained what you have a strong desire to possess.

Beloved, instead of you to see the beauty of God’s grace in another man, you see against. An envious person is not satisfied with what God is doing with him or her. She sees others who are doing better under him or in the same office as occupying a position he or she should have occupied.

Brethren, envy cause pain in the heart of the envious fellow which sometimes the person that is envied doesn’t have an understanding about. *An envious person looks down on himself when he compares himself with other people’s achievement*. He is never satisfied with what God has done for him. He sees every position as to where he ought to be occupying.

To be candid, an envious person only seeks to depreciate the fellow that is appreciated and always look forward to seeing such individuals becoming depressed. He cannot just stand such a person progressing in life. Even though an envious person is born again, *he still has the thought that the envied person meets with failure and depression.* Their heart is preoccupied with evil thought against such a neighbor. *People in this category find it hard to thank and appreciate God when others are prospering*. They ask God questions, again and again, why he has made them lower. *An envious person never sees anything good in what the envied person has done*.

Complaints are the words that follow every assignment such a person carry out even though all the world around him celebrates the effort. Such people commonly say ” what is special about all this thing he has done now? Nothing good come out of such heart because it has been defiled with bitterness and hatred towards the fellow’s progress.

Finally, on this note, *it is envy that makes a man to neglect his own grace and assignment to pursue what his colleague did and gave him a name*. An envious person doesn’t see his own gift again but his desire is to be like the other friend that is celebrated.

*Envy always robbed a man of originality, he doesn’t want his own but a photocopy of another man’s life*. It is envy that makes a man stop asking God for his own purpose for existence meanwhile seeking and praying to become like someone he his envying. *No matter the vision an envious person has, when he sights superior excellence, he has a change of heart if care is not taking*. He easily forget the glory that awaits him if he continues in his own appointed assignment.

Stay away from envy

By: Oluwaseun Isaac Agbenla
Isaac O. Agbenla

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