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Proverb 5:19

Let her be as the loving hind and pleasant roe; let her breasts satisfy thee at all times; and be thou ravished always with her love.

Why many Christian marriage suffer setback and dissatisfaction.

It is perhaps an abomination to stand before congregation on a Sunday morning and tell them today’s sermon topic is “How to enjoy sex to the uttermost in your marriage”. You will be assumed to be carnal but then, sex is one of the most important tool God created for a firm, trustworthy and holy matrimony.

According to research, 55% of women don’t have orgasm experience in their lifetime. They manage to endure sex instead of enjoying it. Many ignorant men don’t know that the reason their wives often find a way of escape anytime they perceive daddy wants sex is because they are not enjoying it.

Good sex in marriage creates strong bound between Christian couples. What would a woman enjoy in 10 seconds sexual intimacy. You may get her pregnant but you can’t get her satisfied. Sex is not for procreation alone but also for sexual satisfaction. Some daddy’s pour out the wine after 7 seconds and that is the time she is just coming alive into the act. Before mummy is finally ready, daddy has release the blessing, leaving mummy frustrated and less motivated for sex when daddy seeks to visit Jerusalem again.

Sir, as a man of God, there is nothing unscriptural in good sexual satisfaction. Sex is not food but it must be enjoyed when the body needs it. Please, don’t demonize mummy because she is still twisting herself after you have released the blessing inside within 5 seconds. You may be satisfied but mummy is not satisfied. Selfish men are satisfied when they come but unselfish men wants mummy to also enjoy what it means to be visited from Jerusalem to Judea and knock on the door of Samaria deep to the north and south of the Kingdom.

Daddy and Mummy, sex should be a topic under discussion. There should be mutual satisfaction. Sir, don’t be ashamed to tell mummy your problem of 2 seconds. Together, you can fight the enemy of your honeymoon. You must resist the devil until he flees.

Mummy, if you’re not satisfied, tell daddy to step up his game. If daddy has lost all his energy to fasting and prayer, please let him supplement his food with Tigger nut, Date and coconut drink. If that is not solving the problem, daddy needs to go for herbs that will take care of the ailment. I know a proven one that cost less than 5k. If 5k will solve marital dissatisfaction, then, it worth trying. But many men pretend as if all is well. The kind of shame men suffer when their wives lacks sexual satisfaction is bad, mummy should encourage daddy not discourage him.

Sir, don’t to be too spiritual that you forget to drink from the natural apples that God gave to mummy primarily for daddy and newborn babies. Touch it, fond it, play with it, drink from your cistern, let it satisfy you so that those ladies selling cleavage for attention will not make you loose your anointing

Mummy, the way to Jerusalem must not be tight if you must enjoy daddy’s ride. Make all the crooked ways straight so that daddy will go through the journey with ease and thereby making your home safer, painless and full of unspeakable joy. Mummy, please don’t start the journey to Jerusalem until you have spent good time playing with the joystick that will lead the way to the promise land. Some women gets easily aroused and some mummy needs foreknowledge of the events to prepare for the night of bliss. Daddy, if you know you would love to visit Jerusalem, start the preparation in the afternoon through text message during the day or rather tell mummy about your plan to visit the palace of Peace called Jerusalem in the morning and allow mummy dream of the basic positions that will ensure that God is glorified at the end of the worship

Finally, until sex is enjoyed mutually between the couples, it is not godly. Daddy, don’t be in haste to enter, always give room for preview and let your hand be creative. The hand that does it well will receive greater anointing. Use your hand there. Let the hand perform his duty. Make your journey pleasant but using your hand well

Note: No matter how anointed mummy may be during Church service, if you ask for it after church service, mummy can still scream and moan for joy as the Gospel move from Jerusalem to Judea and touching Samaria and all the uttermost part of the kingdom of our dear mummy

Enjoy your day. Sex is medicine. God created sex to be enjoyed by his beloved Children in marriage

By Oluwaseun Isaac Agbenla
Pictures attached are only for attraction. Words expressed in this article does not originate from them.

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