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God speaks to individuals in a way he chooses to. We should not demand for a particular way God must speak to us otherwise we would be setting ourselves up for the manipulation of the devil. It’s not our responsibility to dictate to God how he should communicate with us. God speaks to individuals base on their levels of sensitivity. The fact that God speak to your friend through vision and to you by still small voice doesn’t make you less equal to him or her.

You see, the Church is gradually becoming sacrilegious today because of the way we disdain and speak evil of people who are not doing things the way we do it.

Listen closely, no way of hearing from God is superior to the other so far the person involved can understand what God is saying. I heard from Dr Mensah Otabil a few years ago that he has never seen spiritual vision from the Lord in his entire life and ministry. He said he has always followed the inward witness in his heart and with that, he ended up one of the best Bible Teachers in the world.

Beloved, it is not everybody that will see visions into the spiritual realm. I have seen only on few occasions. God will use dreams, inner witness, the Word of God, still small voice, authoritative voice of the Holy Spirit to speak to some. We need to be satisfied with the medium of communication God chooses.

Some of us could be dull of hearing during the day because we are cumbered with daily activities in our business locations and offices, God can opt to speak to us through dreams when our brains have been disconnection from those weights and burdens that blurred our hearts.

Another way God speaks to his children is through the Holy Spirit. Remember, the first way is through your own spirit man which is the candle of the Lord- Prov.20:27. Holy Spirit is more authoritative in the way he speaks. Always remember, *he is not a learner but a teacher, so his instruction is not to be put under consideration or amended but to be strictly followed even when it doesn’t make sense to you at present* This is where many miss God.

When Holy Spirit speaks and you refuse to yield, he may not bother you again if you are adamant on going you own way. He is a gentle Spirit and doesn’t have to argue with you. You can argue with your own spirit leading but not with the Holy Spirit.

In Romans 8:14, the bible says;

*For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God*

Beloved, Holy Spirit desires to lead every born again Christians and if he leads, it is right to say he speaks but how many of us can say we are led by Holy Spirit in doing what we are doing right now with our lives. You see, hearing from God will require being in the Spirit. It takes staying constantly in fellowship with God in the Holy Ghost to perceive what the Spirit is saying per time -Rev. 1:10

You see, until a radio is tune to the right frequency, you don’t hear what they are saying, so also it takes our heart being in the right frequency of the Spirit to hear what heaven is saying.

In John 14:26, the bible says;

*But the comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the father will send in my name, he shall TEACH you ALL THINGS , and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you*

Finally, if we must enjoy the leading of the Holy Spirit, we must be humble to learn. You can fast for 40days and night, if you are not teachable, you wont hear nothing.

Fasting is not guarantees for hearing God’s voice. Be sensitive and ready to listen. Also, learn to obey his prompt leading to enjoy his leading. When he corrects you, amend your ways as soon as possible.

Brethren, If you are the kind that hates correction or like to do your things in your own way, you will deny yourself of divine guidance. In addition to that, you must keep your heart pure. Junk thought must leave your heart. You cannot be feeding on immoralities and expect to hear Holy Spirit. We attract what we subject ourselves to. Furthermore, don’t just expect Holy Spirit to help you only when you are in problem, remember him when you are at peace. He is not an emergency companion alone.

To be continued
Isaac O. Agbenla

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