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Good morning Saints,

Let’s continue with Part 2 of Ps 23:1 but our emphasis will be on 1b.

*The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want*

David said this emphatically *…..I shall not want*

What is the secret of such a bold statement? It’s nothing but absolute trust and dependency on God. Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion which cannot be moved by any situation of life. They are not worried about tomorrow because they are 100% sure that God Almighty can never fail them. Listen, pray to enter into God’s rest because it’s only then that you have such trust in the omnipotence and integrity of God.

You see, absolute trust in God empowers you to be bold and hopeful even when you’re in the midst of a sinking ship.

What confidence!!!

I shall not want is a statement of assurance. He was so sure that he has to look unto God and he can never be ashamed. Those who make God their trust don’t end up in shame or defeat.

You see, many of us find it easy to trust brothers, uncles, our pastors etc “more than” we trust God. Listen, anything God is not ready to do, nobody can do it for you.

Another reason David was so confident was that he knew that God is his shepherd, he will always lead him to where his food is. Inasmuch you learn to follow God regimentally, you can be sure that supply will not cease. Any cow that refuses to obey the herdsmen will have to sort itself out. If you don’t learn to obey God completely, you will end up labouring to find your place of allocation.

Note: No sheep is wiser than its shepherd. You cannot be wiser than God who is your shepherd.

You see, prosperity and sufficiency is God’s plan for his children. If you follow the basic principles of the word of God and listen to the daily leading of the Holy Spirit, you will enjoy his prosperity to the fullness.

For example, give the way you want to be blessed. *Don’t give according to what you earn but according to what you want to be earning*. If I want to change my income flow, I change my tithe, seed and offerings. That’s the word of God -Luke 6:38. If your suffering is much, some people say “check your offering”.

Listen, If you don’t want to lack good things of life, learn to obey the voice of the Holy Spirit promptly and also learn to give out what you want to have sufficiently. You will reduce your time for needs when you have sowed your seed. The prayer a farmer that planted his maize in the right season will pray to have harvest is not as much and the prayer a farmer who didn’t plant any seed but expecting harvest would pray. When you scatter your vegetable seed well, you don’t need much prayer before they germinate. Seed brings forth their fruit naturally. It’s personal revelational knowledge. I don’t need to pray for maize to germinate after planting. It will naturally germinate. Sow and reaping is a universal law-Gen. 8:22

You see, when your cloud is full, it will surely rain upon the earth for you. Many people know how to hear God when it comes to receiving promises from God but they always dodge the inner witness that says they should give a seed.

Note: Some preachers have turned to daylight rubbers in their demands for seed sowing nevertheless God still leads in the area of sowing. Don’t sow because a preacher forces you, follow your heart and let Holy Spirit directs you whenever he leads you to sow.

Listen, everything God asks from you is what he wants to increase abundantly for you. If God asks for your next salary, it’s because he either wants to increase that salary or give you what that salary cannot buy. If he asks you for your car, it is because he wants to change that car. Pls, don’t be discouraged but happy when God asks for your Isaac. Give your Isaac and get a national and long-lasting blessing in return.

Conclusively, anything that is too big for you to give to God, God may never put such a thing in your hand.

Oluwaseun Isaac Agbenla

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