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It says:

*For God so love the world, that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not persih but have everlasting life*

Let’s start with *for God so loved the world*

Before Jesus came into this world in human flesh, God associated himself only with the nation of Israel. They were God’s people even though they do not cease to get God angry. He loves them in the midst of their failures. That should give us a glimpse of His love to us also who are His elect today.

Brethren, God loves the world not because the people in the world were good to him or perfect. God’s love to the world is not rooted in good works they have done but in His unconditional love towards His creation. You see, God loves the world, the people in it even though he knew they were wicked and many were idol worshippers, worshipping other gods yet he loved the world.

There is a lesson every Christian should learn here, we must know how to separate sinners from their sin. God loves the world full of sinful people when he sent Jesus. He loves the people but hates the sin they are committing. This was the reason he sent Jesus to deal with their sins and establish a better and closer relationship with Himself.

The truth is, until a man is saved, he cannot be separated from sin. You can’t expect change of lifestyle from a man that is not changed in the heart. God knew he has to make change in the heart possible through salvation to reap change in behaviour. I actually don’t expect much from an unbeliever.

You see, God loves us before and after we became saved. When we were yet sinners, Christ showed us love by going to the cross on our behalf. That’s unconditional.

Listen, the truth is, God loves sinners but hates the sin they commit and that was why he made a way of escape for their sins to be forgiven. It is only those who refuse to accept the offer of forgiveness in Christ Jesus that will suffer as enemies of God.

In Romans 5:8, the bible says:

*But God demonstrates his own love for us in this manner: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.* (emphasis mine)

You see, some of us act as if we were saved because we were better sinners than those outside the fold. There is no good sinners, a sinner is a sinner-ROM.3:23

The point is, God loves us before we were saved, how much more now that we are now his children.

Many Christians are defeated in time of battle because they lack understanding of how much God loves them. Some think that God only loves them when they have kept all the commandments. Even when you fail in one or two, his love doesn’t diminish so far you strive to learn to do it better next time and never return to your vomit.

God doesn’t love because you have obeyed the rules 100%, he has showed his love towards you before you were saved when he offered Jesus to die for your sins before you are born into this world. God loves you when you were still a sinner, that was why he saved your soul from hell and now, he loves you more because you accept the offer of forgiveness he gave you.

Has your earthly disown your before because you miss a step? No. Even if he does, your heavenly father will not disown you for your past or present failures. He loves you in the midst of everything but never take his love for granted. There is consequence for our actions. He hates the sin you’re indulging in but he wants you to change and embrace light.

Listen, you are loved eternally in as much you love him with your heart not lips alone. God’s love will not stop because you haven’t read your Bible this morning. Your works benefits you not God.

You are not more loved because you fast neither will you be more loved because you pay large offering in Church. All those ones are good and needed as obedient children but the basis for the father’s love is not in your works but in what Jesus did for youon the cross of Calvary. Jesus deserves our thanks for doing it for US.

Beloved, stop looking or feeling unloved because you have just gotten angry or miss your morning devotion. God’s love is unconditional and unfailing. Your morning devotion is for your growth. God doesn’t change, our devotion to God changes us not God.

Finally, if God only love us for our works, He is not different from every natural man because every normal human being reciprocate love when shown to them either born again or not. But God is not conditioned to our works alone but to His eternal love that is unconditional and everlasting. Praise God.

Note: Keeping the commandments and walking in the light of God’s word is the evidence of genuine salvation and it’s for your own benefit. Obedience pays and godliness is profitable.


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