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BY: Isaac O. Agbenla

Bible Text: Heb. 11:1

*Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.*

Beloveth, there is nothing God cannot do but he can only operate in the atmosphere of faith. Even though God is Almighty, he can still be limited by our faith. Do you know that Jesus himself couldn’t perform miracles in some places when he was on earth because people refuse to believe him. You see, devil is most powerful in the atmosphere of doubt/unbelief.

For example,
In Matthew 13:58, the Bible says:

*And he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief*.

Look at it here again

Mark 6:5-6

*And he could there do no mighty work, save that he laid his hands upon a few sick folk, and healed them.*
[6] *And he marvelled because of their unbelief. And he went round about the villages, teaching.*

Brethren, if Jesus could be stopped from manifesting because of unbelief, then any pastor can be limited by our faith. We may need to stop complaining about our pastor not doing enough to solve our problems, we need to start checking our faith to see if we are established in faith. Let me humbly state here that, any pastor you don’t believe in cannot be a blessing to you.

Faith is believing what you prayed for when the evidence is not yet visible. If you pray for a good marriage partner, believe God for it. After believing, let your confessions align with your belief. You cannot have failure mindset and becoming successful in life. As a man thinks in his heart, so is/he -Prov. 23:7. Think on those good things you desire. Imagine it. Meditate on verses of the Bible that establishes your request.

Faith is believing the Word of God in the midst of contrary evidence. The Bible says you’re blessed, what should make you think you’re cursed? Stand on the Word. Many people assume their problem is associated with curse once it lingered beyond the expected time. Beloveth, you are a daughter of Zion and the apple of God’s eye, you can’t be under a curse.

Faith is absolute trust in God. If God saves you, he will fix you. I have learnt years ago that God can’t do evil to me. That settles it. What are you expecting that is not forthcoming? Stay positive. Your time will come. The lady or man you are expecting for marriage is under processing. No amount of prayer can make you harvest cocoa in 3 months. Do you know that until God has finished the works, he didn’t create Adam. What about Eve? She was already in Adam but God didn’t bring her out until the time appointed. There is time for everything.

Beloved, if you can’t trust God with your life, he won’t trust you with his blessings. You must trust God that he will bring to pass what he has said unto you.

He has promised you fruitfulness, then, trust him.

He has promised glorious end, then, stop panicking because of the future.

He promised healing, then, stop focusing on the wound or pains you’re experiencing right now and focus on the promise of God. The pain won’t go immediately and that why Heb. 11:1 defines faith as believing in God when evidence is not in view. When you stop focusing on the evidence but on the integrity of who said it, then, miracle would easily be birthed

Faith is a dominant force that can shut the lions mouth, made the sun and moon to stand still, made a woman of 90 years conceive and made the Hebrew boys inconsumable by the fiery furnace.

Faith is a spiritual weapon. It can creates a way when your enemies thought you are already captured like Moses at the Red Sea. It could bring forth water out of the rock and multiply your loafs of bread and make a jar of oil never to run dry.

Brethren, faith can compel God to do anything.

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Isaac O. Agbenla
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