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What you MUST know about FAITH – Part 1 By: Isaac O. Agbenla

Good Morning Saints

TOPIC: What you MUST know about FAITH – Part 1

By: Isaac O. Agbenla

Bible Text: Heb. 11:1

*Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.*

Beloveth, shouting in the place is ineffective withouts faith. Fasting for days will be a waste when it is not accompanied with faith. Attending vigils and living holy are crucial but they won’t move God into action when faith is lacking. Don’t be discouraged if you have done all that I mentioned but then, listen and read this piece with open mind so that you can discover what exactly is missing in your prayer life.

What is faith? Simply put it as believing the invisible or accepting truth without tangible evidence.

For example, you have never seen God before yet you believe there is God. That is faith. It’s God kind of faith. Are there evidence to proof his existence? It will be difficult to use the space to convince an atheist that has been exploring the space as evidence of God’s existence. He may tell you he hasn’t found God’s throne.

Faith is mysterious because it is not subject to scientific knowledge.

Faith is active not passive. Until your hope graduate to faith, you will remain in the realm of uncertainty. Hope is strong conviction but faith requires putting your hope into action.

For example, someone is seriously sick and diagnosed of cancer and the doctor brought a drug to be used to safe his life. If the patient continues to say “I have faith this drug will perfect my healing, that is hope. If he takes the drugs as prescribed, that means it has graduated to faith. But then, if he continues to say that, “this drug will lead to my healing” and refuses to take it, he will die hopeful but hope won’t save him.

Brethren, without hope, there can’t be faith but without faith, hope is useless.

For example, the woman with the issue of blood in Mark 5:25-32 heard Jesus was passing. She said I know if I touch him, I will be healed. She was hopeful from that point till she got to Jesus. Then, she acted in faith by given substance to the hope she had, by touching the helm of Jesus garment. It is not the hope that made her whole. It was her faith. Jesus said to her, thy faith has made thee whole. If she refuses to touch Jesus, she would have died hope full.

You see, many of us are suffering from this error. God has laid a business in your heart. You have been telling people around about your vision to start but then, the year almost over. You’re hopeful but refuses to act in faith by starting. You know God has promised you success but you still doubt God’s word yet praying for financial breakthrough. Until you make a move, God won’t move on your behalf.

Beloveth, hope is like skeleton. Faith is the flesh. When Ezekiel prophesied to the dry bones and they gathered together. He didn’t stop there. It would be a waste if he had stop there. He prophesied again until flesh wrapped the skeleton. Don’t stop yet. Put your faith into action. No matter how great you claim your faith is, until it is pit into action, you are only hoping.
It is like believing that Jesus is Lord but refusing to surrender your life to Him as Lord and Saviour. You can hope for salvation and yet not be saved. Hope won’t save you, it is faith that does.

Faith converts the invisible to reality. Faith in God made Elijah to call down fire without first seeing smoke.

Faith is positioning yourself in the Word by agreeing and aligning yourself with the promise stated in the word of God.

Faith breaks protocol. Jesus walked on the water, Peter also died it.

Finally we need to understand that, prayer will not produce faith. Prayer will strengthen the faith in you but it won’t give you faith. There is only one source to faith throughout the the scripture and it is the Word of God- ROM.10:17.

In Jude 1:20, we were encouraged to build on our most holy faith through praying in an unknown tongue but you need to understand that it is building “on”. You can’t build on something that is not existing. It didn’t say build your faith by praying in tongue. It says build on your faith through the prayer. Praying in tongue will strengthen, embolden and energizes our faith but it won’t create faith where it is lacking. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God

Beloveth, if you refuse to study the Bible, you will be kwashiorkor in faith.

To be continued

Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla

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