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Topic: Fasting is crucial for spiritual sensitivity By: Isaac O. Agbenla

Topic: Fasting is crucial for spiritual sensitivity  By: Isaac O. Agbenla

Good Morning Beloved,

Topic: Fasting is crucial for spiritual sensitivity

By: Isaac O. Agbenla

You are either ruled by the Holy Spirit or by the flesh. That is, if you are not spiritually minded, then you are carnally minded.(Rom.8:5-8)

Fasting enhances your spiritual sensitivity because the flesh is denied of pleasure during fasting. When you are spiritually sensitive, you will be at the right frequency to hear from God and follow his leading through your spirit man.

You see, you don’t hear what they are saying in a radio station until you have turned your radio to the right frequency, so also you won’t hear God clearly until your mind is well renewed and your spirit is spiritually sensitive through fasting exercise accompanied with spiritual exercises.

You see, the fact that you are not hearing any radio as you are reading doesn’t mean there are no radio frequency around you. They are there in the air. But when you on your radio and turn it to the right frequency, you will begin to hear.

Likewise, God speaks and He speaks to all his children-Romans 8:14. That you are not hearing God like that of radio frequency doesn’t mean God is not speaking, it only means you have not turn on your radio(I.e your spirit) to the right frequency.

Beloved, If you fast without taking time to worship, praise, listen or read the word of God and spending time in prayer, your fasting might have less impact on your sensitivity.

I don’t mean you have to do all at the same time most especially if you are at work but maximize every time either to listen to messages by anointed men, read your bible, say your prayer etc

Note: Your fasting is not impacting or transforming God, it is for your transformation, preparation to receive from God and intimacy with the father.

It’s advisable to fast at least once a week. It’s not a law but just an advice.

Isaac O. Agbenla

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