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This is as Reviewed by us to guide us to Prepare for the Exams by our Daddy during the Evening Session of Day 4.

God Instructed us to Study about the Book of Jonah in this Ministers Conference.


1. Whenever we are talking about Hero; there is something usually associated with them:

Moses – Law Giver, Parted the Sea
David – Giant Killer
Joshua – Man who stops the Sun
Daniel – One who silence the Lion
Jonah – The Sleeper

So we need to pay attention as to why God chose this Theme Character for this Year’s Ministers Conference.

Does it means that we are Sleeping? If we are Sleeping then for how long?

2. And then we reminded us that our Convention Theme is: And God Said.

In Jonah 1:1; the Bible says that: The Word of God came to Jonah.

Not everyone normally hear God Speaking Audibly because God is a Spirit and speaks to us either in a “Still Voice” or Thunder.

But God give some Ability to Hear.

God can be a Cheerful Giver – Generous. As He can give various Gifts to one man.

For example:

I. David was a Psalmist, Instrumentalist, Prophet as well as a King.

II. Moses was a Leader, Composer and a Prophet.

That you are free to ask God for gifts but you have to covet earnestly the Best Gifts.

That when asking for many Gifts, you should know too much is expected from a man for who too much is given.

That there is Joy in the ability to hear from God – For Guidance; Faith cometh by hearing the Word of God, For Healing and Deliverance.

If you have the Ability to hear from God, then you are Special – Singularly Special.

The Ability to hear from God has man challenges: It may cause you loneliness and being sent on a Dangerous Mission.

There are Hearing and Hearing. Elijah has been hearing from God before God asked him to travel for 40 days and 40 nights.

There is Casual Hearing from God.

Hearing from God spell out your Future.

Then finally, we advised you to set yourself apart, Stand on your Watch and Hear what God will say to you.


Where we heard God saying to Jonah saying: Go to Nineveh.

Maybe God is saying to you: Go and Tell them.

That God that is saying that to you is saying to Jonah: *I NEED YOUR HELP*.

Who shall I send? Who will go for us?

He said to Moses, I Need Your Help to bring my people out of Egypt.

He said to David: I Need Your Help to deal with Goliath and wipe away this reproach.

He said to Paul: I Need Your Help to go to the Prison and bring Salvation to a Family.

He said to Peter: I Need Your Help to take the Gospel to the Gentiles.

That same God is now saying to you that: I Need an Ambassador who will besiege the people in Christstead to reconcile them back to God.

Because some people wants to Parish and God does not have Pleasure in the death of a sinner.

God is saying that I don’t want to destroy people again as I Promised Noah.

He said that I destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah but it has no effect on the daughters of Lot.

He said that He has sent Angels before but it didn’t work.

Anyway, He created you for His Pleasure and destroying the sinners will not give Him any Pleasure.

Why Does He Needs You

– Because He has been Merciful to you
– Because He is Faithful to you
– Because He loves you and want you to return His Love to you.
– Because He knew in advance that a time like this will come. And that is why He chose you even before the Foundation of the world was made.

… He brought you in because of a Time like this.

– He want you to Arise and Save somebody before darkness takes over completely.
– He want you to tell someone about Heaven – The Land of the Endless Day where no death, no pain, no sorrow and where we will wipe all tears from our eyes.
– Tell them about Heaven on Earth
– Tell them that Jesus Christ is still in business of Healing.
– Tell them Jesus Christ still in the business of Delivering People.
– Tell them Jesus Christ still in the business of Prospering People.
– Tell them Jesus Christ still in the business of Answering Prayers
– Tell them about the Power of the Holy Ghost: Ability to Bind and Loose.
– Tell them about Rapture that will happen in the twinkle of an eye. One person will be taken and the other left behind.
– Tell them about Anti Christ and The Period of Tribulations. That there will be No Place to hide, no buying or selling except you have the Mark of the Beast 666.
– Tell them that during this Period that men will be biting their tongue in pain and men begging for death and death will stand away.
– Tell them about Hell; where people will be tormented in flames. They will have thirst that will be difficult to describe and it won’t be satisfied. In Hell there will be No Way Out.
– Tell them that God can Change His Mind. That if He tell the wicked that He will die and the wicked repents, he will live. If they call on His Name, they will be saved.

But they must call on Him Urgently and Immediately.
– If you don’t tell them, how can they call on Him who they have not heard?

If you don’t tell them and they perish, God will demand for their blood from you.

All the Rich man did that landed him in Hell and Lazarus in Abraham’s Bosom was that he remained Neutral
– If you tell them, you will be Rewarded as He will tell you: Well Done.
– If you tell them, you will Finish Well.


We now find out here how Jonah was trying to run away from God’s Presence. He took a ship going Tashi. Then God send a Storm.

We reminded you that God is Love but also a Man of War. He is the Lord of all Host.

He made ALL things including the Wasters to destroy.

Because He Made all things, Own all things and can Fight all things with Frogs, Lice, Flies, Darkness, Water, Food and Tormentors.

We reminded you that you cannot run or escape from God’s Presence because if you are Still on Earth, you are under His Footstool. If under Heaven, you are under His Throne. If you run into the Ground, it can open to swallow you up. If under the Sky, He was the One that threw the first bomb.

Surely, the wind and the sea Obey Him. He could command the Wind to blow the Sea in order to create a Path. Later it can ask it to Change Direction and cause His enemies to be Consumed or Drowned.

He can command the Wind to bring Provisions for you and to Revive Dry Bones.

You cannot run from your Destiny.

As Ministers of God, you are like a Star in His Hands and He does not need to search before He can catch you.

Then we described the Storm as Opposite of Peace. For example: Physical Storm, Material Storm, Emotional Storm and Spiritual Storm.

If you find yourself in a Storm, you must ask God why? Find out what you did wrong and Restitute your ways.

We also gave you some Signs of Storm:

– If your ways are always block
– If enemies begin to prevail over you.
– If you find yourself Swimming against the Tides
– If the Word of God is counterproductive in your life.

To avoid Storm: Obey Him Willingly, Instantly and Completely.


We found here that while the Storm was going on, Jonah was Sleeping.

We said that Sleep has it’s way in a Man’s Life. Thank God that He gave His Beloveth Sleep. That the Sleep of a Labouring Man is Sweet.

Sleep is a Medium for Dreams:

– Through Dreams, God forestall the Future.
– Through Dreams, Angelic Visitation happens in times of Crises.
– Through Dreams, God warns of dangers ahead.
– He uses the Dreams of Pharaoh to fulfil the Dreams of Joseph.
– Through Dreams, He frustrate the Plans of the enemies and Guide us.

Then we said that Sleep is Good but too much of every Good Thing is Bad.

That Honey is Good; but if you eat too much of it you will vomit.

The Bible warns us not to Love Sleep so that you won’t be Poor.

That there is “Appropriate Time” for everything.

That you are the “Children of the Day” and not “Children of Night”.

Those that Sleep, sleep at night.

He that gathers at Summer is Wise while if you Sleep at the time of Harvest it causes Shame.

If you Sleep at the time King suppose to go to War; it can lead to Danger.

Categories of Sleep:
– Slumber (Dozing)
– Sleep
– Deep Sleep (Anaesthesia)
– Sleep of Death (Coma)
– Death Itself
– The Second Death

The Following are the Signs that you are Sleeping:

– Eating and Drinking but you are not satisfied
– You are no longer Imparted by the Word of God
– You are no longer Hungry for the Word of God.
– You are no longer “Thirsty for Righteousness'”.
– You are busy pursuing Wealth and Fame.

Another Sign of Sleeping is Snoring. This is when you are just making “Useless Noise” Making like a Clouds and Winds without Rain.

If you Preach a long Sermon and you just kept on boasting; then you are Sleeping.

If you are Turning without Moving – You are tossing up and down on the bed, thinking that you are making Progress then you are Sleeping

If you are actually “Going Round in Cycles” and wandering then you are Sleeping.

If you are Oblivious of Dangers with your head lying on the laps of enemies while your Anointing has been taken away then you are Sleeping.

One Major Sign of Sleeping is PRAYERLESSNESS.

So, I will Admonished us all to get ready to Pray during Convention.

God gave me an hint on how we can go about it – Divide ourselves into Groups.

Talking about the Danger Sleeping: When you are asleep, you can hear, smell and speak in the Dream but you cannot SEE because your eyes are closed.

So a Sleeping Man is Temporarily Blind as there is No Vision.

… Where there is No Vision, the people perish.

It is what you see that you have.

A man that is Sleeping do not see any Good Thing coming.

One of the Dangers of “Spiritual Sleeping” – A Sleeping man can be reach by an Angel of God as well as demons from the devil.

So you need to be Awake and Pray.

You should be careful not to be Overconfident, that you still Need Help and that you must remember that our Salvation is nearer than when we first Believed.

We warned us not to rely on man for your Future. You need to Pray for yourself. The Person (Bodyguard) you trusted may be fast asleep himself.

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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