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Basic steps to changing your difficult situations by Isaac O. Agbenla

Basic steps to changing your difficult situations by Isaac O. Agbenla


1. Discover the root of your problem. How? By seeking the face of God about what you are passing through. If you have a headache and you are using stomach-ache medicine, you will wait in vain for your healing. So also, you must ask where the problem is coming from so that you can know where to direct your prayers. It is better to know by waiting on God to wander in life for years without direction as to what you are fighting. Don’t seek a solution until you know what solution you are looking for.

2. Search the scripture to know what God’s word says about the situation. There is nothing you are passing through that doesn’t have a solution. The solution to every life problem is in the Word of God. Look out for people that have the same problem as you in the scripture. Use their testimony as to your petition in prayer. Lazy Christians don’t study their Bible, don’t be counted among the lazy ones.

3. Highlight those verses that address your problem and write them down in a small pocket note that you go around with. You may need to meditate on the promise of God concerning those problems. Memorize and meditate on them until you receive revelational knowledge of what to do. It works. I have done this meditation all my life in times of trouble and out of trouble. I meditate.

4. Speak, chew, meditate & confess those promises of God aloud to yourself. Seek a private place to do this. Speak what you want to yourself. Let your spirit be conversant with your confession. Let your angel hear what he is to do for you. Many Christians kept their angels idle all their lives. There is at least an angel with every Christian. I can prove with many references in the scripture. They will do nothing except you dispatch them to do it through your utterances and confessions in line with the word of God.

5. Wait patiently for your words to be rooted, established, and bring about your desire to manifest. Never be in a hurry or get discouraged because you didn’t see an immediate effect.

While waiting, don’t speak against your right confessions. Always be positive in your confessions otherwise your confessions will be destroyed by your wrong words

Always remember that Jesus cursed the fig tree 🌲 but the tree never dried up immediately. Days after, while returning from their journey, the fig tree 🌲 had dried up.

Congratulations because your change will precisely manifest

Waiting for the change is the most crucial step in this teaching.

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Oluwaseun Isaac Agbenla


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