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Topic: Can God really choose for me? | Marriage Gist

Topic: Can God really choose for me? | Marriage Gist

Good afternoon Saints,

The Lord laid it in my heart to write to someone who is asking this question *”Can God really choose for me?” or why is God so much interested in my marital affairs?*

In Psalms 25:12, the Bible says :

*What man is he that feareth the LORD? him shall he teach in the way that he shall choose.*

Do you fear God?

Have you been praying to God to show you His perfect will in life or marriage?

Do you want to please God with your life?

Have you sang this song that says “All to Jesus I surrender?

Beloved, I know every lover of God must have done almost everything I mentioned above. But I want you to know that sometimes when you are face with reality of this confessions, you will want to change your mind. Because it’s easier said than done. If you are the one in Daddy Adeboye’s shoe, told by God to leave his promising job and take up a full time pastoral job, would you have obeyed? Remember he was a senior lecturer.

Humility in spirituality in my definition simply means surrendering and letting go of your own will to allow God’s will to prevail. In other words, it means being humble enough to accept that and being determined to allow God to teach you where you miss it.

Many of us believe in our senses that God loves us but when it comes to doing His perfect will, we loose faith. God that has been faithful to you all those years is telling you to go in that direction but you are saying, *God I don’t think that’s the best for me*.

Your love for God and how much you fear God will be tested by your obedience to follow God’s will rather than your own carnal will.

Listen, God’s will is not always your choice. Your desired place of work may not be God’s will. Your desire kind of profession may not align with God’s purpose for your creation. Your choice of life partner might not fit in into God’s plan for your life. My question therefore is, *would you allow God’s will or your will?*

Listen Saints, if only you can see ahead like God, you will never again argue with His preference over your life. God can’t do evil to you. No father can give his beloved child life serpent instead of toy.

God knows your end from beginning. He knows what is best for you. He knows who and what fits in into your destiny and purpose. He knows the job, wife, assignment that will make you a fulfilled person on earth.

Young folks, don’t be foolish to think you know a lady so well than God. It will be a suicidal mission to think you know that guy so much and neglect God’s warning that you shouldn’t marry him. Ask many people who mock God’s instruction and counsel, majority of them lived all their lives wishing they listen.

In our text, the Bible says God chooses the right way for those who fears Him. You may be arguing why would God choose for me but always remember that God only directs you because you fear him. If you want to go on the journey of life alone, no problem but always remember that when the storms of life start raging, you will fight the storm alone.

There are ways that seemed right to man but the end thereof is a way of destruction.

Obedience is better than sacrifice. You can’t bribe God to change His eternal will. Listen to God’s counsel to avoid a life of regrets.

God bless you.
I’m Isaac O. Agbenla
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