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The Mind Gate : How to keep your mind from demonic obsession

The Mind Gate : How to keep your mind from demonic obsession

*Topic: The Mind Gate*


Every attack of the enemy against our spirit, soul and body starts through the mind. Your mind is the gate to your spirit and soul. The state of your mind determines if you are going to be dominated by evil spirit or not. As a born again Christian, your spirit is perfect.

At salvation, it is your spirit that is born again. To save your soul, you must renew it with the Word of God. I will talk more about how to renew our mind to save your soul in tomorrow’s morning audio teaching.

Beloveth, if devil can’t get through your mind gate, he can’t enter or rule your life. This is why the Bible encourages us to guide it with all diligence. Diligence means hard work and that implies that it is more than just going to Church but conscious effort to stop the intruders from gaining entrance into our mind.
Instead of guiding the mind, may people invite wrong spirit into their lives through careless indulgence in wrong practice, negligence and disobedience to biblical ordinances.

For example, a young man told me while ministering to deliver him from addictions that has become a stronghold in his life sometimes ago that, he always ended up masturbating after watching pornography or feed his soul with materials that has pornographic tendencies (sexual attracted films, video, magazines).

*You see, whenever you step into devil’s territory, he will make you a captive through what brought you. Devil is a legal expert and knows when to attack you and when not to. He knows that, when your thought contradict the word of God, you are not likely to get cover against any arrow shot against you.*

Devil’s attack on your mind starts with wrong thought. For example, devil can tell you “God has put sickness in your life to humble you”. If you agree with it, you become a captive to that sickness. Or, if he tells you God has made you poor so that you can make heaven, if you don’t reject it, it may take warfare to get out of that poverty hook. They are all devil’s deception.

Brethren, any thought that is not in line with the Word of God is from wrong spirit. Holy Spirit will not contradict the written and spoken Word of God.

*Things that open doors to satanic entrance into the MindGate*

1. Isolation or rejection by loved ones, intimidation by parents or wards, molestation through sexual abuse and the traumatic experience of thinking about the scene, hostility etc

2. Early childhood pressure. When a child grows under an atmosphere or home that is full of strive, disagreement etc They grow ending up with spirit of hatred instead of love

3. Moment of weakness, sadness, disappoint, failure: when people lost their loves ones, disappointed by people they trust, suffer consistent failure without comfort etc. Depression could set in thereby paving way for devil to hijack your thought and rule your mind. Always speak out and seek counsel in such period

4. Hidden sinful habit e.g masturbation, watching pornography, perverted sexual desires, lust of the eyes etc.

*Do you know some people watch a particular film again and again because of sexual attraction?* That’s the beginning of sexual addiction.

How do we deal with problems associated with mind?

I will discuss it in tomorrow’s audio teaching.

© Isaac O. Agbenla

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