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How A University Muslim Leader Ismai’l Babatunde Lawal, Found Jesus Christ

How A University Muslim Leader Ismai’l Babatunde Lawal, Found Jesus Christ

The pictures not the original face of Brother Lawal for protection sake.

How A University Muslim Leader Ismai’l Babatunde Lawal, Found Jesus Christ

Former Nigerian Muslim leader, Ismai’l Babatunde Lawal, graduate of Statistics and Mathematics from Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto (UDUS) shares incredible story of the encounter that led him to Jesus Christ.

I was born 39 years ago into a Muslim cleric Alhaj Bilamin Lawal, my name is Ismai’l Babatunde Lawal, I went to Quranic School called Asarrudeen Islamic Quranic School in my early teens where I learnt the Quran. While I was growing up I hated Christians like a plague, therefore I decided to upgrade my knowledge in Islam so I chose the city where it was the pioneer Islam in West Africa… Ancient Sokoto state caliphate in Nigeria.

I went to the university there named after the sultan that brought Islam into west Africa, Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto (UDUS), there I was studying Statistics and Mathematics and my plan was to do well in my academy and get scholarship to study in Saudi Arabia or UAE, of course you know why, to know more about Islam.

But in my part three, I was asking myself questions, who is this real God, for reason. I was troubled by that question until I received a tract from a lady student coming from the fellowship… Well I read through it, usually I wouldn’t have done that but because I needed answers, so I read and I out of curiosity, I wasn’t convinced but curious so I made a deal with Jesus Christ, that I will trust Him with my life for one week and if I didn’t receive a miracle I will go back to Islam.

Well I joined the fellowship on campus then I got carried away, I was enjoying fellowship until six week later I received a parcel from The University of Kiev Ukraine, to study Aeronautic Engineer, an admission I never applied for but I received a later with my correct name and address, that was it though I do not have the money to fund myself but I believe that was the miracle I needed.

Those years before saying yes to Christ, I was the Secretary General of the Nigerian Muslim student society, UDUS chapter, I was responsible for calling to prayers (Adthan) amongst other social functions. When became a Christian I stopped going to the mosque, so my fellow Muslim brothers investigated and reported it to the DEAN STUDENT AFFAIRS, who in turn called my father and my dad gave a standing instruction to bring me to Kaduna dead or alive.

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That was the beginning of my persecution, my things were destroyed, rusticated from school for joining a secret cult (Christian fellowship) and set ablaze when I was trying to sneak out of the campus. I was treated in a private hospital and after six month I went away from my families and friends to start a new life in the western part of Nigeria, re-enrolled for a diploma course in Electrical/Electronic engineering…

Today here I am working in the hospital in the same town after sixteen years, married with a daughter and am serving the Lord as the Lord leads.

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