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Good morning Saints,

Let’s examine Phil. 4:6 which says:

*Do not be anxious (fret, be worried, scared) about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and supplication (petition) , with thanksgiving, present your requests to God*

Beloved, peace is more important than wealth though both are required to be fulfilled in life. What is the value of wealth without peace? My earliest prayer as born again was for grace to wake up and go back to bed daily in peace. Glory be to God because years have passed and still hasn’t lost a sleep over any issue of life. Praise God

Brethren, I want to show you biblical ways of walking in total peace everyday.

From the text, let’s take a cognisance look at the phase

*Don’t be anxious for nothing*

What does it mean?

The bible is saying “DON’T be full of anxiety, disquietude, greatly concerned or solicitous,* Being anxious is usually accompanied with worrying.

Beloveth, though you have received the peace of God in your heart at salvation (Gal. 5:22), you will never enjoy its fullness until you learn not to worry or fret over any issue . The peace of God will not have expression when fear is dominating your mind. This may seem impossible but It’s possible not to worry over issue of life when you learn to trust in God.

Beloved, fear is the opposite of faith. Fear hinders prayers & it’s define as lack of faith. Fear obstructs the move of God’s power but faith releases the power of God

Let’s continue with the text

*……but in EVERYTHING…….*

Everything means in all areas of life.

*…….by PRAYER & SUPPLICATIONS (PETITION) with THANKSGIVING, let you request be made known unto God………*

The Bible admonishes believers to pray instead of worrying over life burdens you cannot bear alone. Prayer will solve problems that murmur and complain can’t solve.

Beloved, your prayer to overcome turbulence situations is ineffective without petition. Our golden verse tells us that it’s with prayer and supplication that our request can be3 granted. There are different categories of prayer. Supplication is one

Supplication prayer is a prayer of petition. *You must prove it*. When you are in the law court with petition, the defendant must be ready to prove beyond reasonable doubt.

How do you engage in such prayer?

Write out scriptures that deals with your problem. You can use google to get these verses. Just type “bible verses on fruitfulness”. Write down as many as possible. They are your tools

Many pray but only few pray with understanding. It takes understanding to get results. That doesn’t mean we don’t know the act of praying but we most times don’t know how to pray in an acceptable manner according to the word.

When it is supplication, you must have right scriptures that can justify your request before the throne of grace.

In Isaiah 43:26, the Bible says:

*Put me in remembrance: let US PLEAD together: declare thou, that thou may be JUSTIFIED*.

Can you see that? You can plead- that is, argue your case before God so far they are in line with the word of God. God want you to come before him with HIS Spoken Words and argue your petition before Him.

*…..Thanksgiving…..* another ingredient of successful prayer according to that text is that all must go with Thanksgiving. If you’re not thankful, your blessings will not be full.

Finally in verse 7, the benefits of praying in that order now surfaces which is

*7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus……..*

Note: The verse started with *and* It’s continuation of previous verse. So it simply means, when you have prayed according to the scriptural standard, then, the peace of God that passes all understanding will now follow you but if you refuse to pray, argue your case with Thanksgiving and refuses to be anxious, then you may still be troubled as a believer.

Beloved, get worries out of your life. You can only become lean, it won’t change your story. Worrying is a sin because it denies the existence and ability of God to intervene.

Isaac O. Agbenla
Good morning

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