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That yeah recieve her in the Lord, as becomes Saints, that ye assist her in whatsoever business she has need of you: for she has been a SUCCORER of MANY, and of myself also.

Often times people dwell on the pleasant part of this verse. Paul told the church of Rome to help Sis. Phoebe in whatsoever business she loves to do. One of the numerous purposes of the church is to help parishioners get established, in the way they could. Everyone truly love being assisted but not all are ready to play his/her role as agreed.
I have come to observe that those who complain that the church does not assist are those who contribute next to nothing in church. They are neither tithers nor give offerings, because they think it goes to the Pastors purse, time to sow for the church project they rather stop attending services, till the project is completed. They would rather pay to charge their phones than drop an offering, yet will choose to sit close to the fan or A. C, to enjoy it’s effect.

Noticed that those against tithing in Nigeria are not tithers. How will a non tither be bothered about those that tithe?, how is his destiny affected by it. How is the church’s expenses of concern to them?. This is just subjecting one’s self to be used of the devil.

In Paul’s instructions to the Roman church, Sis. Phoebe was of immense value to the church. She was of good assistance to many members and to the ministry of Apostle Paul. She added value to the church where she worship. Offering value must not necessarily be in cash, it could be in kind or stewardship. Your hands or virtue can work for the kingdom. You can serve in various departments ie. ushering, sanitation, etc, rather than complain of inefficiencies in the church.

Many people desire recommendations without giving meaningful contributions.

Beloved, what value do you add to your local church or fellowship?. Would you be missed if you were absent on a Sunday service?. Have you directly or indirectly impacted lives since becoming a Christian?.
Have you rendered help?, don’t pray for help if you are not offering help to another. Do you willfully/boastfully neglect people in need when you have the capacity to help them off that ugly incident?. There are some amounts of money we consider as little but that same little amount can solve a big problem in another person’s condition.

Let’s all stop lip service and really start living practical Christianity. There is so much talk without impact, on those around the church. It’s time to start sowing, so as to reaping.

The first time I paid my tithe was way back in secondary school( though not consistently, neither was I working, it was just the sheer love for God). I however have not abolished it but increased though it. Either we tithe or not, God doesn’t change, when we work or decide not to, God remains God.
There is nothing we do for God that increases Him, it only increases the doer.

God doesn’t need an edifice on earth to be God. We give to God’s work to beautify His house where we enjoy His communion and propergate His kingdom. Everyone cherishes a nice church building and surroundings, but don’t care where the money for such, comes from. Everything that functions well in church is so because some people pay tithes, offerings, sow seeds and offer things to build for God.

Stay blessed
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Isaac O. Agbenla

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