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DEPRESSION is real, but OUR VICTORY IS MORE REAL by Femi Lazarus

DEPRESSION is real, but OUR VICTORY IS MORE REAL by Femi Lazarus


Having gone through the page of the young man who committed suicide yesterday having battled with depression for years.

Now I speak as one who was an insider in matters of depression and pain that comes from an area of the heart no one else can explain except the victim.

I speak as one who have had several suicide attempts, I speak as one who had taken several things in a room locked from behind with suicide note on the table.

I remember the day I bursted into tears publicly and I was determined to get into the room and end it finally.

Here are mistakes I know Christian counselors make when talking to people who are going through things like this.

1) They forget that depression is not emotional, it is demonic, they try to address such issues with sentiments. When you do this, you further block the heart of the depressed away from you.

2) Victims of depression only result to silence where there are judgemental people around them. Hello! There is serious pressure out there, it is only a man who have found peace in Jesus that has found real peace and Joy! These things are real!
Don’t talk insensitively to a depressed person. Should anyone confide in you that they have been suicidal, they mean it. Don’t wait for them to die before you realize.

3) I remember the day I called a friend of mine and told her my plans to end my struggles that day (some years ago) she was in tears, she knew I meant it, she made sure the phone call didn’t end until she was sure I was fine.

Did that help at that moment?

Yes it did.

But the thought still came back, and this is where the Holy spirit is really needed. He is the helper, and we must allow him help us.

4) Depression deals with vision first, it blurs out tomorrow and tells the person that there is no further hope, depression cries into a man’s ears to end it now. When speaking with a depressed person, help them remove the veil covering their tomorrow by the help of the spirit.
When you go confronting them insensitively, you will be confirming their thoughts that the world is cruel.

5) Pastors get depressed too just as church members get depressed. We should never be too busy to check on each other once in a while. That a fellow is smiling doesn’t mean they are not depressed.

People go through stuffs out there.
There are people battling with things they can’t explain, health condition, marital issues, financial issues, different things.

Depression is not just a name, it is a demon, it works with death itself.

It is sad to see both Christians and unbelievers commit suicide. It shouldn’t be.

Here is another twist to this.

Don’t trivialize any Ministry simply because people are not falling under anointing in their meetings.

Joyce Mayer.
Bishop T. D Jakes.
Joel Oesten.
And many others, if these people talk to a depressed victim, through experience, they know just what to say and it helps.

If you are depressed, please cry out for help, confide in people you know that can help you genuinely.


Help me share this on your Platforms, we might be helping someone.

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