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How to find, follow and fulfill God’s plan for your life Part 6 | By: Isaac O. Agbenla

How to find, follow and fulfill God’s plan for your life Part 6 | By: Isaac O. Agbenla

Topic: How to find, follow and fulfill God’s plan for your life. Part 6

By: Isaac O. Agbenla

It is quite easy to stray from God’s plan if you’re not waiting in his presence for direction. I believe that the reason why manu families, ministries and organizations often get into dire financial trouble is because, they add to what God’s original plan was for them. Good Christians can also fall into same trap because they are into things God has not destined for them. Such things might be good and legitimate, but they are additions to God’s original will not God’s perfect will. There is the perfect and imperfect will of God, we have a choice to pick from. Always remember that God knows the future much better, than we know the past. It pays in every ramification to wait before Him to get His plan. Sometimes we make our plans and ask for God’s blessings to our plans, but it’s far better to get His plans because His plan is already blessed. Beloveth, before you embark on family project, church program or recruitment in your organization, ask God if it’s his will. Little things like make God to look away when trouble arises.

For example, if you decide to buy what God is not interested in, for your church and you later needed money for something more valuable, it becomes your responsibility to struggle to get the money. Personally, God has stopped me more than once from buying something for the church at a time i thought we needed it and i realized later why he did so. Needs later came up that requires either same amount or more than the money we would have wrongly spent. If i refuse to learn to his warning, he won’t meet the need when it arises.

Life is easier for the fishes in the water because they are created to swim but they barely survive when on land because they cannot. So does the same apply to a man doing the opposite or related opposite of what he is created to do. Get God’s plan for your life. If you are a pastor, know God’s plan for your church/ministry. If you’re not called to be a prophet, don’t call yourself that name . Ask God for where you belong and diligently commit yourself to it.

You see, many times we do things just because we think that’s the way it ought to be done. We think it’s a norm when your church and others do it like that, so you do same. No!, hear from heaven yourself. The prime cause of an unfulfilled life is to lean on our own understanding. Prov 3:5-6 (Read it).

There is no doubt God has spoken and is still speaking to certain individuals to do things in a particular way however, they try to pattern their lives after the way others do and they fail. Just because a pastor has a good program running in his church doesn’t mean same program will work in another church! It might not be God’s plan at all, or be what God wants for that church.

Beloved, you need to get on your knees and find out yourself what God’s plans are for you, because God will only put His approval and blessings on His plans. When you get hold of God’s plan for your life, family, business or church, things will work out well and produce results. But if you try building yourself, you will labour a lot. You might finally get it all built and good looking, but it’s vain and will not stand the test of time because the Lord was not in it.

Being out of God’s plans breeds dissatisfaction (If you are dissatisfied of where you are generally in your life, best option is to seek God’s face in prayer). Many struggle in life because we do things we are not created to do.
If an air plane created to fly the skies tries to run the road, it will definitely out run some cars but it will still not be fulfilled in purpose. To say the least, its progress and accomplishments will be slow and less productive. This is the case of most people in church today, that have fasted and prayed but still in the wrong location, thus hindering resources flow in their direction. Ask yourself, “Am I fulfilling the purpose of creation”.

Not only does unfulfillment brings dissatisfaction, if we fail to correct ourselves, we will reap the consequences of our disobedience. God doesn’t bring those consequences, they don’t come from heaven. But “The thief cometh not but to steal and to kill and to destroy “. (John 10:10). God simply allows it because you are not in His plans and following His purposes. Its better to have God’s plan and purpose personally for your life, follow and pursue it. God’s full blessings and the full dimensions of His spirit comes with only His plans.

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