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How to find,follow and fulfill God’s will Part 5 | By: Isaac O. Agbenla

How to find,follow and fulfill God’s will Part 5 | By: Isaac O. Agbenla

Good Morning Saints,

Topic: Following God’s will Part 5

Bible: Col.1:9-10


Many today are struggling to know the will of God for their lives but the reality is this, *the will of God is not far from them that loves Him*.

In Ps. 25:12, the bible says,

*What man is it that fears the lord, him shall he teach in the way he shall choose.*

It’s God’s ultimate desire to lead his children from day to day. In fact, Rom. 8:14 says it is those who are lead by the Spirit of God that are the children of God but it’s important to note that our text also says God will only lead those who fear Him.
You may ask what it means to fear the lord, it means to observe to do his commandment and walk in them.

Listen, It’s not hard to know the will of God in any area of life if you have been in relationship with Him and being led by him at different stages of your life.

You see, relationship is not something you can build in a day. It takes daily fellowship and communion in his word to have solid relationship with God. It takes time but when it’s established, it will profit you always. Many want to know God’s will only when a man who is willing to have their hand in marriage shows up. Then, they will realize they need to pray about it and turn the house of God to emergency unit for vision.

Beloved, if you have been running from His presence for years, how do you expect him to respond in the day of your trouble. He is merciful but that shouldn’t be our attitude to our Father.

You see, we should avoid making God our helper ONLY in time of trouble. You can’t use God and dump him. He is not a man. Many of us would seek God wholeheartedly when the storm is raging but neglect the throne of Grace when all is well. That is why God often permits devil to tempt some Christians because that is the only way God can get their attention.

To be candid, many of us live just like a prodigal son who remember home only when there is trouble. If we have been living outside God’s will all our days and now want to run to him when marriage or career issue come up, we are just like of the prodigal son.

Prayer and fasting should not be a thing we learn during trials, temptations or when urgent need arises. It should part of life of every Christian to pick a day out in a week to seek the face of the Lord in prayer and fasting. This will surely keep our spirit, soul and body revived to be in contact with God. You don’t have to wait for defeat before you will start fortifying yourself. Get yourself fortified against the day of battle.

Likewise, we *must be meek*: In Ps 25:9, the Bible says

*The meek will he guide in judgement: and the meek will he teach his way.*

Can you see,? God can’t lead those who think they know it all. If you think God can’t choose for you, just don’t bother him.

To be meek means to be teachable. Many of us are just too arrogant for God to lead. Some think that God is Old-School and assume he doesn’t know what is best for them. You see, there are ways that seems right to man but the end thereof is the way of destruction.

In Prov. 3:5-6 says, *we should not lean on our own understanding and in all our ways, we should acknowledge God and then he will direct our path*. To enjoy divine direction in your life, you certainly need to acknowledge God before you take a serious decision.

The problem with many today is that they find it very difficult to trust God, that he will not do evil to them or lead them on a wrong path.

What is the foundation of your trust? Is it on the books you have read? On motivational talks? They are good buys but will never take the place of going before the throne of grace for help. To trust means to have absolute confidence in someone or something. God want us to humble ourselves before the throne of grace so that we can receive help without struggles.

Would you allow Him to tell you what is best for you? God won’t force any man because
we all have freewill to do as we desire but God will judge us base on our decisions on daily basis.

Thanks for reading
Isaac O. Agbenla
Good morning

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