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Topic: How to discover and fulfill God’s will Part 4By: Isaac O. Agbenla

Topic: How to discover and fulfill God’s will Part 4By: Isaac O. Agbenla

Topic: How to discover and fulfill God’s will Part 4

By: Isaac O. Agbenla

Fulfillment of God’s will for your life is not accidental, neither through God’s sovereignty or by fate. You need to have a revelation of God’s will for you and pursue it to bring fulfillment. It takes effort on your part to accomplish God’s will for your life, thus until you discover God’s plan for you, it is impossible to achieve it.
I hereby urge you to ensure you are into what the Lord has destined you to do, because it’s not just enough to hope and assume it will all work out.

The book of Ephesians 5:17 says

” Be yeah not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is “, implying that you are commanded to know His will for your life.

The good new is, that the Lord wants you to know His will for your life much more than you know it. It’s not a difficult task knowing God’s will but it sure does take effort. You won’t discover God’s will till you search with all your heart (Jer. 29:13). For as long as you cannot live a successful life without knowing God’s will, you have to search for it. When the passion for knowing, following and fulfilling God’s will develops more, then you will know more.

Know God’s will is the starting point, but it’s not the end. Moses knew God’s will for his life, tried to accomplish it by his own timing and strength, but the cost fourty wasted years in the wilderness and thirty years wilderness bondage in Egypt. Today, some people still engage in such mistakes.

Some people receive the revelation of what the Lord wants of them, but few depend on Him to accomplish it. They get a word from God and make a paragraph from it. They lean to their own understanding. (Proverbs 3:5). That, is a recipe for disaster. And for those who have tried doing the right thing wrongly, their disasters are not far fetched.

Moreso, we need to know not only God’s will but His plans to accomplish His will. This takes time, effort and maturity. Preparation time is never wasted time. Proper preparation would actually save you time in the long run.
Patience is another quality we must have to fulfill God’s will (James 1:4 ).

Anyone can begin a race, but not everyone crosses the finish line. Certainly, not everyone wins the race, it takes a combination of other virtues to finish well.
Many people start their race in life well but do not have the stamina to finish and finish well.

The Lord not only does He calls us, He also equips us to do His will. There is a way we can finish our course with joy (Acts 20:24), but it’s not an automatic process. We all live in a failing world, things depreciates from good to bad, orderliness to disorder, let alone nothing works on its own. It takes the constant attention of a keeper to keep up a house, run the car, tend the gardens and put lives on track.

However, there is a biblical way to finish strong (2Tim.4:7), thus a right and wrong pattern to run our race.
Most of the hurt and pain we suffer, I feel is self inflicted. Definitely we have an enemy who seeks to destroy our lives through his crafted devices. But we have a friend, who is with us every step of the way and grants us supernatural strength. As Paul said, “The life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave Himself for me”. (Gal. 2:20).

Our race should be a supernatural process not just natural. Christ living in us makes the difference. (Col.1:27). We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. (Phil 4:13).

It would be a shame that at the end of our lives not to have the sense of accomplishing what the Lord created and destined us to do, however it’s still common practice.
People rush towards eternity while allowing precious time, slip through our fingers here on earth. This is no dress rehearsals, it’s the real deal. We have to make our lives count while we can.

I pray the Lord reveals His Willy to you and how to accomplish it in a greater dimension than He has ever before. Together, as each of us does what He instructs we do, we will make a big difference in the world.

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