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*BY: Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla*


*TEXT:MARK 4:35 &37*

*…And the same day, when even was come, he saith unto them, Let us pass over unto the OTHER SIDE*

Beloved, notice the phrase in upper case letters, *the OTHER SIDE…*

A time comes in one’s life, when you have to pass to the ‘other side’. The devil will throw obstacles and stirs up storm to hinder this move like you see in the case of Jesus and his disciples. Don’t be surprised, you just need to understand that the other side is a place of fulfillment and promotion. It is your next level, where sorrows will end and shame becomes fame. It is a place you have to attain for your life’s struggles to come to an end. It’s a place of deliverance and total liberation from the kingdoms of darkness. It’s a place of new beginnings, rest and marital settlement.
I pray that the mighty power of God takes you to the other side, where your blessings awaits you this month in Jesus Name.

With the aforementioned, you can see why the devil does not want an easy passing. Notice that most people without this understanding, give up instead of standing firm to secure their victory.

Jesus said to the disciples, “…Let us pass over… ” .

Beloved, whenever there is a God given vision, it won’t come to pass without a test. The fact that the directive is from Jesus dosen’t guarantee a trouble free journey. Jesus the Son of God was faced with lots of hinderances. He was falsely accused, beaten, mocked, hunted and maltreated, thus your case is not an exemption. Jesus experienced absolute frustration from the enemy to the point he said “…let this cup pass over me”.

The devil will fight against your vision, frustrate your moves, use various people to hinder you, but through it all, the vision will not lie because it will surely come to pass – Hab. 2:2-3

Brethren, if you give up during the storms you go through, you will suffer setbacks in the pursuit of your vision. Storms serve as examinations to the promise land. You have to look into Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith- Heb.12:1-2. Jesus, for the joy ahead endured the cross and despised the shame… , you too however must not compromise your standards.

Note: *Testimonies are simple tests that ends up with good memories if you remain faithful in the midst of it*

Without going through tests, there cannot be testimonies. Your testimonies are rooted in your tests.

Some people expect the devil to be quiet as they climb to greater heights, that is not biblical except you are not following God’s plan. Everyone living righteously will suffer persecution as stated in the Bible 2 Tim. 3:12. Do not expect freedom without a fight. The Bible says we are to fight a good fight of faith 1Tim. 6:12, 2Tim. 4:7

Often times people see storms as obstacles but note that in the challenge, is fame. The ovation comes after you must have won a big challenge.

Studying through the Bible, you observe that outstanding miracles catch the attention of news broadcasters. The Bible often ends the passage with the phrase “…and it was noised abroad” or “… his fame went around the whole city “. Testimonies are adverts that requires no payments.

May all your tests, trial and challenges bring you forth testimonies this New month.

Why was the devil doing everything to stop them from pass over?

Why would devil do everything to stop you from going to the other side?

Read further in Part 2 of this teaching.
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