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Topic: Can a Christian have Assurance of Salvation Part 3? Bible Text: John 3:15

Topic: Can a Christian have Assurance of Salvation Part 3? Bible Text: John 3:15

*Good Morning Saints,*

*_Topic: Can a Christian have Assurance of Salvation Part 3?_*

*_Bible Text: John 3:15_*

*_That WHOSOEVER BELIEVES in Him should not perish, but have ETERNAL LIFE_*

Eternal life simply means life that is everlasting, that is, the kind of life you receive here on earth at Salvation that will last you throughout your life on earth and transcend to eternity.

According to John 17:3, eternal life is the knowledge and understanding about God that brings out spiritual effect in the spirit man. It is reawakening of the spirit man from death through the acknowledgement of only true God and acceptance of Jesus as the Saviour of the whole world.

Eternal life is not a future promise but instant gift of first Salvation.

In Acts 13:48, the bible says;
*And when the Gentiles heard this, they were glad, and glorified the word of the Lord: and as many as were ordained to ETERNAL LIFE believed*

Note: Those who believed in the word of salvation preached were said to be ordained to eternal life.

Note: Eternal life is not what you get in heaven. You are not going to have it after leaving this world if you don’t have it on earth. You have it now and use it forever or you miss it and spend the rest of your life in eternal damnation.


Good works cannot give you eternal life but eternal life will produce good works in you. No matter how good or morally upright you may be, if you haven’t received Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, you don’t have eternal life.
Eternal life is a gift from God to those who accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. You don’t really work for gift but it requires dedication, consecration and determination to keep good relationship with the giver who is God (John 17-2).

Firstly, *John 3:15* says:
*That WHOSOEVER BELIEVES in Him should not perish, but have ETERNAL LIFE*

This is simple enough to understand that believing in Christ as Saviour is the requirements for eternal life. Faith is the currency you trade for eternal life. We were all wretched before salvation either you commit big sin or small ones. All have sinned and they are all in same category -Rom.3:23. The only way to escape being perished is to accept Jesus offer of forgiveness through salvation.

In *Rom.6:23*, the bible says:

*For the wages of sin is death; but the *GIFT OF GOD* is *ETERNAL LIFE* through Jesus Christ our Lord*

You see, many preachers lay emphasis on the wages of sin is death but overlooked the vital part of the message which is *the gift of God*. Without this gift of God, all men are bound for eternal damnation.

Beloved, do you notice it’s *the gift of God*? My emphasis is on the definite article “the”. Every other gift is rooted in the gift of eternal life. It’s the tree that bears all the blessedness of God in Christ Jesus. God gave you eternal life because you have faith in Christ Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. *You cannot earn it by good works or being morally upright but good works is the evidence that you have indeed received it*.

This is why when you receive eternal life, it guarantees eternity with God in heaven forever and ever.
Beloved, death ends at salvation because our passing away from earth to eternity is just a change of realm because we would continue to live with God as we depart this earthly kingdom.

In John 10:28, Jesus the Son of God said:

And *I give* unto them eternal life; and they shall *NEVER PERSIH*, neither shall *ANY MAN PLUG THEM OUT OF MY HAND*

Do you notice he didn’t say I will give but *I GIVE?*. It means it is something he had already done for them that followed Him according to the passage. The day you become Born again is the day you receive what Jesus had already done for you 2000 years ago. He has already made provision for it.

Did you read the word *NEVER PERISH*? Jesus was too sure? *Was he joking when He said, no man can plug them out of my hand?* Jesus isn’t a joker

You see, a Born again Christian is not begging to live with God in heaven. God had already guaranteed her eternity with Him. Jesus told his disciples in John 14 that he is going to heaven to prepare a place for them and he will come back for them. He did not say I may come back for you. He promised his coming back to take his disciples. It is religion that makes heaven look like a place Christians will still beg and weep to get to. Jesus said *no man will pluck them from His hand because he is a good shepherd*.

Listen to this, every good shepherd will do everything possible to see that none of his sheep gets missing. This was what Jesus had in mind when he said it. As a good shepherd, Jesus will ensure that his own sheep are well guided as they follow him. He Himself will ensure none of his sheep lost as he carries them daily. If they lost, he will find them. If He didn’t find them, then they are not His sheep in the first place no matter how religious they may be.

Beloved, if you aren’t sure that your heaven is settled as a born again , just meditate on this profound statement from Christ’s mouth.

Daddy Adeboye has said numerous times that He knows he is going to heaven. Saints, heaven is not only for the G.O’s but for all of us who have acknowledged Him as our saviour in truth and walking in the light of this truth.

Eternal life is the greatest gift God had given to man. Salvation comes with eternal life. Eternal is the main content in salvation package. It’s the main package wrapped in salvation. It’s as simple saying we are saved to have eternal life because that is what is needed to spend eternity with God.
The greatest sin on earth is the sin of rejecting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. It attracts automatic damnation in hell (Mark 3:29).
It is important to state however that there are two kinds of eternity. There is eternal life which leads to heaven and eternal death which has its destination in hell fire. We all have to decide where we love to spend the rest of our eternity.

Thanks for reading
Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla
Oracle of God

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