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Good Morning Saints,*Topic: *Can a Christian miss Heaven Part 1*?By Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla 

Good Morning Saints,*Topic: *Can a Christian miss Heaven Part 1*?By Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla 

Good Morning Saints,

*Topic: *Can a Christian miss Heaven Part 1*?

By Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla 

Bible : Hebrews 10:26

*For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins,…..*

In this series of teaching, I want to explain the unpardonable sin, who can commit such and at what level of spiritual maturity can a man commit such sin.

The desire of God is to save everyone that comes to him through Christ till eternity. God’s desire is never to win a soul and lost that soul to the devil. If you loose any of your children as earthly Father, you would do everything to ensure that they are found. God is more loving that any earthly father or friend would ever be.

No matter the offense of a child, no father would disown a child on that premise, why? A child is expected to act childish but rod of correction will be applied. In the same vein, God will never abandoned a genuinely Born again Christian no matter their sin. He doesn’t even remove their names from the book of life as generally taught for generations. There is procedures in the kingdom of God for restoration of lost sheep just as every parent spare not rod of correction when a child erred.

Considering John 10:29, the Bible says:

*My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and NO MAN IS ABLE TO PLUCK THEM OUT OF MY FATHER’S HAND*.

Many Christians read Bible as literature or newspaper and that is why they often think God or Jesus is joking with some of their statements. Jesus said in the verse *_for anyone to have come to me, God surely gave them to me and because he is so merciful and powerful than any man, no man can ever take them out of my hand_”*. I believe Jesus is saying the truth but wrong understanding of God will not allow many people to comprehend this eternal truth. Some even think their pastor loves them more than God loves them because their pastor searches for them when they miss Church but they think God would keep quiet or hate them when they make mistake or error from the truth.

Can your pastor loves you like God loves you? No. God loves you more. If your pastor shows you love, it is like 1% of the love God has for you.

You see, no man, not even the devil can snatch a born again from God. Many pastors today have wayward and drunkard as children ( I do not rejoice in saying this and God bear me witness) but they held them dearly even with all their errors. They love them even though they weren’t happy with their lifestyle but same people who love their children thinks God has forsaken and removed the name of straying child of God from the book of life.

Beloved, the truth about God is, even if you are already lost into or wandering in the territory of the kingdom of darkness, God is searching for your soul daily and you know it. The Preacher, Church and your parents may say they are tired of you, God Almighty is unrest in heaven because of you alone.

In Luke 15:4

*What man of you, having an hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he find it?*

Jesus was telling us the nature of the father here that he prefers to suspend all activities in heaven to go after a lost Christian than to remain in heaven and laugh as devil drags a wounded son/daughter of God into hell. Beloved, let’s change our erroneous mindset about a loving God. He is so merciful and gracious that he desires our end more than our beginning.

Can I ask you a question?

How many fathers desires that their children will be lost in the journey home from school? No sane father, right?

Why then do we think God want his children to go astray and miss Heaven? You are joking.

Now consider this statement in Hebrews 7:25 that say:

*_Wherefore HE IS ABLE also to SAVE THEM to the UTTERMOST that come unto God by him, seeing HE EVER LIVES to make INTERCESSION for them_.*

You see, many people have been taught wrong words from scripture but the truth and juicy ones have been taken away from them.

This verse says “God is able to save them to the end”. Do you think he wouldn’t want to do it? He will. Also note that the scripture says “Jesus lives for the purpose of making intercession for those who are saved”. If you ask me what Jesus is doing right now, I will tell you he is making intercession on my behalf. It’s well spelt out. If a soul is lost in the kingdom of God , Jesus will be more concern on how to make intercession than to celebrate the fall of such soldier. That is heaven’s mentality.

Listen, only a Christian can choose to go to hell himself or herself. How? To be discussed in Part 2.
God will NEVER ABANDON A CHRISTIAN UNTIL THE CHRISTIAN HAS REJECTED JESUS AS LORD AND SAVIOUR. This is the eternal truth I will explain in Part 2 with enough biblical references.

Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla
Oracle of God
Good Morning

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