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How to bring the promise of God to pass without delay By Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla Bible: Hebrews 10:23

How to bring the promise of God to pass without delay By Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla Bible: Hebrews 10:23

*Good Morning Saints,*

*Topic: How to bring the promise of God to pass without delay*

*Bible: Hebrews 10:23*

*Let us hold fast the confession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised;)*


Many people have read and heard about the promises of God but never tasted the fullness of it. Many recites the Lords’ prayer daily but it is like empty words without manifestation when they look at the storms in their lives. This morning, I want to teach on how to hold firm to God’s promises without wavering even in the midst of storm.

In our text, notice these words *_hold fast,confession,faith,wavering_*.

The word hold fast means to _keep in memory or closely to your heart_ it could also mean to take possession of something. You will never enjoy the fullest of any promise of God until you keep the promise close to your heart and cherish it. When you hold it dearly, Holy Spirit reminds you of the promise even in the midst of contrary situation. Having the word from god promised in his word close to you will comfort you and keep your hope alive. The Bible says in Rom.5:5 that those who have hope will never be ashamed. The promise of God is the hope of a better day no matter the condition of today.

*_Hold fast your Confession_*:

Never allow your confession to change because of your situation. Instead of allowing your situation to change your confession, hold firm to the word of God and allow your confession to change your situation instead. Confession is what you say again and again until there is manifestation. It’s your earnest desire you speak forth on daily basis for the angels of God to bring it to pass. You can choose to always confess victory in the midst of storm than to confess defeat.

Beloved, where you are today is likely the product of your past confessions or what you refuse to confess. Confessions takes time to form and become a reality but once they are formed, they are indestructible. You can choose to call yourself a rich man and you can choose to call yourself a poor forsaken man. It’s your choice but you can’t become what you can’t see yourself already become.

Beloved, never get tired of saying what you believe until you see the manifestation. We are told in the verse to hold fast to our confessions not only in times when all is well but always. People will call you names and some will think it’s pride to assume you are better than what you are presently. Never be distracted because you are the only that can see your future with your imaginary eyes. The vision of your future will be birthed on your lips and by your dedication to what you confess to be.

Many eyes look but only few see, always remember everyone can’t see the way you see and can’t always agree because they can’t see.

Beloved, you can design your tomorrow by holding firm to confession of prosperity even as a poor person. You can win your battles by your confession than by your tears.

*_The Faith factor_*

Tears don’t move God because God is only moved by faith. The word faith in the verse means “to anticipate usually with pleasure” as in
expectation. It means hope. So when the Bible says we should hold fast the confession of our faith, it is primarily saying we should continue and consistently hold firm the confessions of our expectations. It means to say with assurance what you are expecting. That is faith. If you’re expecting something and yet full of fear and anxiety, you can’t receive anything from God. Do you notice the meaning of faith in the context of our discussion means to expect with pleasure. You can’t be fearful and sad and at the same time get your request easily from God. Your reliance and trust in God is faith which is the ingredient for the movement of the hand of God in your favour.


It means to doubt. Doubt means to loose interest in the infallibility of the word of God. When you doubt God, you mock God. Many people are not calm when they are expecting something from the Lord. They always think good things comes from God by force but the truth is, faith is the only force that can move God.

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Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla.
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