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Topic: *Bringing the supernatural blessing into physical manifestation 2*By: *Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla

Topic: *Bringing the supernatural blessing into physical manifestation 2*By: *Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla

Topic: *Bringing the supernatural blessing into physical manifestation 2*

By: *Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla*

Bible Text: *Ephesians 1:3*

*Blessed be the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places.*


We started a teaching on this verse yesterday and I mentioned what we need to do to bring spiritual blessings promised in Eph.1:3 to manifestations. I said, you must believe it before you receive it. That is the faith factor which is so much essential.

The number two thing we need is PRAYER. Every religion prays because pray is a form of communication between human and superhuman or call it divinity. Through prayer people in satanic kingdom also communicates with the evil realm to exercise dominion and authority over the earth.

Rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places operates in the second heaven and that is where the occultist refer their pray to not the living God. It is not a special thing if we claim to be praying. Wicked people make incantations just as we believers speaks in new tongues.

However, the difference between Christianity and all other religion is that we pray to the living God through living Christ but they pray to hand made gods through dead men. Let me remind you this, only Jesus is alive and only HE can save. No salvation in any other. Every other religion claim their saviors are dead but Jesus is alive forever more.


Listen, we ought not to pray only to meet needs but to live above needs and challenges. Majority of Christians only pray fervently or seek God’s face when trouble arises. Prayer ought to be daily communication with God. Prayerlessness will rob a man of blessings he deserves.

Our blessings are there in the heavenlies, it will take prevailing prayers to bring it to manifestation. Not all prayers are warfare but some demands dealing with wrong powers that are against the manifestation. We make mistakes at times when we think that every prayer is a prayer of faith. It is also an error to think all prayers are prayer of warfare. There are categories of prayer and with different principles and methodology of doing them. You can read Kenneth Hagin’s book “The Arts of Prayer” to learn more.

In Eph.6:12, the bible mentioned the rulers of darkness in the heavenly places. These are the powers that stands against answers to people’s prayer. The bible says we should pray until our joy is full. You see, Daniel prayed until something changed. He prayed until God sent another angel to rescue the angel that was stopped by the prince of Persia (Daniel 10).

Beloved, the only thing we cannot change is what we cannot pray for. You see, God can only respond to prayers prayed in faith. If he doesn’t hear you then he can’t answer either. This is why praying while dwelling in sin destroys your faith and makes such Christian a mockery in the hand of devil. Remember, without faith it’s impossible to please God.

To pray a prevailing prayer as Christians, we must be in right relationship with God. Don’t joke with your lifestyle and say it doesn’t matter. Devil is smart and worldly wise. He knows our weaknesses. If we dwell in sin willfully, he will hinder your fervency at the throne of grace.

You see, the reason holiness is not negotiable for a believer is not only because its primarily required before God but it gives a Christian confidence and boldness at the throne of grace to stand without guilt as she demands for that blessing that belongs to her.

In Heb.4:16, the bile says we should come BOLDLY before the throne of grace. The word bodly is so essential that we must not proceed with the other part of the verse until we deal with it. To come boldly, you need to be confident. When sin is hidden in a man’s life, confidence will be defeated. Instead of being strengthened from within, you deflates like a tyre that is just releasing air.

Sin hinders assurance of answer to prayers. It sets stage for doubt and unbelief thereby cause hindrance to prayers. The bible says a righteous man is as bold as lion. You see, living right and walking according to the word of God gives you confidence as your approach God for your desire. When a man is praying and devil reminds such person of his atrocities, there will be commotion because there are things he is yet to settle with God.

Beloved, it is not enough to pray , we must have assurance that our prayers are going beyond the roof of the church.

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