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Good Morning Saints, Let’s consider Part two of this verse Philippians 2:12 says

Good Morning Saints,

Let’s consider Part two of this verse

Philippians 2:12 says:

*Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.*

Like I explained yesterday, many people read this verse. This verse doesn’t say we have to work for salvation or to be saved. No.

Notice that the Bible says, *Your Own Salvation……….*

Can you see? It’s your own already. When you look at the beginning of Paul writings, he said he was writing to the servants of Christ not unbelievers. They were already Christians. It’s a personal thing. Your own. The journey is personal. It’s left for you to develop it. The book of Philippians was written to the Christians in Philippi. They are already saved.

You see, Paul doesn’t condole indiscipline because discipline is part of Christian virtue.

He went further to say *With fear and trembling…..*

Fear and trembling here doesn’t mean fear of bondage. The Bible says God has not given us the Spirit of bondage to fear again but of adoption,— of love and sound mind—

Paul was saying with reverence and awe, draw closer to God in obedience to his word.

According to Amplified Bible, these are other words for fear and trembling

1. *self-distrust,*that is, don’t put so much confidence in yourself.. Phil. 2:13 says only God can do it in us.

2. *serious caution,*: It takes caution to work on yourself. Don’t go to places where God’s presence cannot be found. *God is everywhere but the manifestation of his presence is not everywhere*- 1 Cor. 9:27

3. *tenderness of conscience,*: When you make mistake, don’t sweep it under carpet. Don’t say it doesn’t matter otherwise, your conscience will never be tender and that will eventually leads to hardened heart like Pharaoh and the judgement of devil will surely be around you.

4. *watchfulness against temptation,*: Don’t read, watch, meditate on things that will tempt you. Be discreet. Meditate only on things that edifies: Phil. 4:8.

5 *timidly shrinking from whatever might offend God and*: Don’t willfully go into sin. Stay away from things God hates.

5 And things that *discredit the name of Christ).”*: Don’t let your bad attitude and character in street, school, campus, church bring shame to the name of God and your fellowship. When ladies sees a pastor and say *don’t mind him,he is a fornicator or he has slept with me*… Haaaa… You have disgraced heaven. Or when a sister passes in a street going to vigil or rehearsal and boys begin to laugh you to scum because their friend has seeing your nakedness, then you have brought shame to the name of God you claim to be serving.

However, if it’s your past, don’t bother yourself because you are already forgiven but if it’s present and continuous, just stop it now…..

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