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Ministering: *Pastor E.A Adeboye*
Topic : *Swimming In Glory (3)*
Text: *Mark 5:25-34*

* By the time this night is over, someone here will be Swimming in Glory

* There’s someone here today whose testimony will shake the world.

The woman in our Bible text got her healing in her singular encounter with Jesus.

“I decree to you, your suffering ends tonight.”

The woman with the issue of blood said something’s which we’ll review in 5 points tonight.

1. She said “I can swim in glory. I can conquer darkness.” Isaiah 60:1-2

1 Peter 2:24

She realised provisions had been made for her healing. What she said implies:

1. You can conquer poverty. Phillipians 4:19

2. You can conquer failure. Phillipians 4:13

3. You can conquer hopelessness. Colossians 1:27

The next powerful statement the woman in our text said was “I will swim in glory.”
Exodus 15:26

Say it like you’re angry,

“I am not a chicken, I’m an Eagle: I can swim in glory.”

You can do all above because the Most High lives in you.

In the name of the One who called me, all those who genuinely call me “daddy” WILL not know sickness again.

John 8:32, 36.
It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in bondage, be free tonight in Jesus’ name.

By that statement, she meant she would swim in abundance. John 10:10

I decree to someone here, it doesn’t matter what the economy of the world looks like, you’ll swim in abundance in Jesus’ name.

Say to your neighbour “whether the devil likes it or not, I’ll swim in glory.

The next statement the made was “nothing is going to stop me.”

There was a powerful multitude that surrounded Jesus, but she remained undeterred.
Joshua 6:20

*Prophecy Alert!*

Daddy says,
“Before the end of this month, I will seal up your leaking pocket.”

Her third statement also meant that God will bring down anything disturbing your progress.

Every wing of any witch or wizard flying to meetings because of you gets destroyed in Jesus’ name.
Philippians 2:9-11

* Every force on this earth wanting to stand in your way, since my Lord lives they will be swallowed by the ground

* Nothing is going to stop you

* Every evil force by whatever name, whether in the river, ocean, land or air that tries to hinder you from swimming in glory will all be destroyed tonight.

If you need a spare part from heaven to take care of your situation, this is the time to ask.

My Father said you should ask right now.

In the name that is above every other name, receive that which you’ve asked for.

The 4th statement she made was, “I will touch.”

Whether you touch Jesus, or He touches you, the result will be the same.

May I encourage you to touch Jesus today, do the touching yourself.

How To Touch Jesus:

1. By faith: Matthew 15:21-28.

This is for someone, simply because you came here today, your troubles are over.

How To Touch Jesus.

2. By Prayer: Matthew 10:46-52

You know the reason you’ve come to seek the face of God tonight(whether physically in camp or on this page), when it’s time to pray tonight, please do so like a warrior.

Tonight, you’ll pray and God will send an earthquake that will open every prison door in your life.

Daddy asked to tell someone who just came out of a crisis,

“this crisis will not reoccur.”

How To Touch Jesus.

3. By giving. Mark 12:41-44, 2 Chronicles 1:6-12

Through giving, God raised a poor man who had just 50 kobo to give to a man who owns a school.

You can touch Jesus through giving whether you are rich or poor.

A son of mine who borrowed from the bank to sponsor our convention many years back became the chairman of the bank.

I decree tonight, before this night is out, you’ll touch Jesus.

#Story Alart!
Daddy says to remind you of a story, it’s in prep for a word of knowledge.

There was a service we had in Ilorin, a woman ran out when I was preaching.

I followed up after service to know what happened. The woman was brought to me.

She said in her course for solution to her children dying one after the other, she was initiated into witchcraft.

She killed her husband at first.

She was told to kill her children too. At that time, she started running helter shelter.

We prayed a simple prayer and God delivered her.

The Lord said that the thing causing you problem is dying tonight.

When you come to share your testimonies the next month, the whole world will hear you.


1. Be ready for hard work because many doors will open simultaneously.

2. Why don’t you believe me, I have already told you I will cover your nakedness.

3. What I started in you, I will complete

The fifth statement the Woman in out text made was,

“I am the one.”

This signified that she shared her testimony.

The world will hear your testimonies in Jesus’ name.

Every prayer prayed tonight will be answered by fire.

Prayer Points

1.Praise Him.
2. Father, please empower me to shine.
3. Father, please accelerate my journey to success.
4. Father, please erase every trace of shame in my life.
5. Father, the victory you have already given me, let it be permanent.
6. Father, hear my cry tonight.

In respect to my birthday, for the next 5 minutes, ask for something very special from God.

Don’t ask Him for clothes, ask for something very big.

In the name of the One who called me, your light begins to shine from this moment.

You’ll never know darkness again.

Everything you touch will prosper.

Very soon, people will ask what your secret is.

Your joy will never end.

The Almighty God will grant your request and the world will hear your testimony.

So shall it be in Jesus name.

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