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by: Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla

It’s God’s desire to see His children walk in liberty. God doesn’t tempt us with evil because he cannot be tempted with evil- Jam. 1:17-18. It’s quite unfortunate that sometimes because of our ignorance or lack of spiritual understanding of the vices of the enemy, we get trapped. I wish to enumerate some biblical ways we can help for those who are in one bondage or the other.

The number one key to successful deliverance from the captivity of any form of evil spirit is dealing with the spirit of fear.

Devil is a liar and he keeps people in perpetual fear to avoid being casted out.

The number one force that eject the devil is the force of faith. Anytime a man is about to be delivered, devil likes to create a fearful atmosphere to hide under it. .

You see, the bible says

*”For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father”* – Rom.8:15.

I wrote some days ago about how to deal with fear. You see, if devil can make you to swallow his lies, he can get you. Listen, everything contrary to God’s will for your life is not for you. If you find yourself under any form of fear that brings torment, It is an evil spirit behind such.

Many people have been erroneously thought that Holy Spirit put guilt and torment in people who commits sin. It is not true because it is your OWN spirit that convicts you of wrong doings. I know that may sound strange to someone but you can quickly go through the entire bible and give one example where Holy Spirit condemns an individual under New Covenant.

He is a comforter not a spirit of condemnation as popularly believed

Your spirit knows what is right and it is Holy, whenever we do anything contrary to God’s will or desire for our life, your own spirit will convict you to godly sorrow that leads to repentance. And most importantly, when we confess our sins, God forgives and it ends there.

God won’t torment or remind you of your sins or uproot them from the grave of forgiveness you receive. It is human being that condemn us base on our past, God doesn’t judge us after salvation for our past misdeeds.

If you are under fear or torment because of past sins committed, you can read 1 John 1:7-10, meditate and speak the verses out loud until fear disappears. *If devil reminds you of your failures, remind him of the righteousness you received through faith in Christ Jesus*. Always be bold to tell the devil that the blood of Jesus *is sufficient for your atonement.*

Before we can talk about being set free or delivered from this evil spirit manipulation, it is important to point out that many people are responsible for what they are experiencing in their lives.

You see, he that breaks the edge the serpent will bite (Eccl.10:8). If you have not open doors for the devil, it is impossible for them to come him.

Listen, demons don’t have access to Christians except they let them in.

In James 4:7, the bible says we should resist the devil and he will flee i.e run like a terror.

God can’t tell us to do so, that is, to resist if we don’t have the authority to do it.

You see, instead of resisting them, some are embracing them through different ways devil has planned for ignorant people.

For example, music is a powerful tool both in the hand of God and devil. When Saul was filled with evil spirit, he sent for a skilled man who has the Holy Spirit upon him to come and play so that the evil spirit will leave. Even king Saul had common sense in his demonized state of mind to call for such person.

*Either you know it or not, you are product of what you listen to*.

Our lives reflect what we listen to. If you listen to music of people like Beyoncé, 2 Pac, Fela etc. and you are suffering from any form of demonic oppression or obsession , it is not the devil’s fault because you have threaded the lions route ignorantly or willingly. The most unfortunate thing is that some people who has never read wide about this artistes desire to be like them.

Everyone I mentioned above all belong to strong occult and never hide it. When you listen to music produce from the pit of hell, you are automatically signing in for the spirit behind them. If Saul sent for Spirit-filled music minister, it shows us that spirit filled songs will chase demons *while demon filled songs will draw them near to those who listen to it.*

Sometimes when people come to be delivered, I usually ask them questions concerning what they think they do that can make Satan to have his root established in their lives.

This is because *there is no cause without a cause*. There must be a channel through which will evil spirit enters. Listen, it is not enough to be set free if you want to continue in the mess. If a delivered victims would not stop opening door for the adversaries, he/she will always bring more to him/herself anytime they are delivered. It is a pity that many people go into that captivity through those means.

Apart from music , some people spend all their time watching demonic films. It is a pity that Christians are ignorant of the vices of the enemy. Do not misquote me, watching film when it edifices you is not wrong. You see, there are countless magical films out there that corrupts souls and destroy the spiritual life of people unknowingly.

*What has light has to do with darkness?*

Can a magician sits down to watch Christian movie? NEVER.

They know it is dangerous and could change their perspective of their religion but Christians enjoy doing that. The reasons many people are suffering from evil dreams today is traceable to that. They watch magical film and expect themselves to see Angels of God.

*What a contradiction*!

I usually advice people who share such dreams by the leading of the Holy Spirit that they don’t need prayer but change of choice. I usually tell those who have bad dreams to read some portion from Ephesians before bed and think about God or angel and then see if they will see devil. It is a simple truth that has always work.

Many people in this categories love to watch some romantic and sexually perverted films and complain they have marine husband or wife. What a tragedy!

*It is important to note that film industry consult both powers and psychologist to seek for help on how to captivate people’s mind and distort their believes and way of thinking*.

You may doubt it, do a self examination now of your though-life and tell me what you think of more everyday. I need no supernatural power to know that, what you think of is as a results of what you are filled with. If you think much on sexual immorality , check what you do and watch.

*The gate to the fall of humanity is eyes-gate.*

What we see will determine our rising or falling.

Finally for tonight, I will like to mention sexual immorality as one of the mediums through which demons gain access to people’s body. Now, I am not talking to an unbeliever because I do not expect them to live for God even though there are many unbelievers who doesn’t commit sexual immorality.

You see, when you see a believer indulging in sexual immorality, he/she is obsessed with demons. We may not like the statement but it is 100% true. I have been familiar with cases like that. Not only that, if you see a Christian who is “addicted” to masturbation , it is demonic influence upon the soul of such individual. Not only that, if you are obsessed with the thought of sexual immorality all the time, a foul or unclean spirit is already seeking your attention to gain entrance into your mind.

You see, if your thought is hijacked with sexual impurities , you will end up masturbating and from there you may end up in perverted sexual relationships.

Your body is the temple of God, when you defile the temple of God, you automatically submit it to demons. Christians in such situations are not possessed but obsessed in their minds-1 Corinthians 6:13-20.

There are many other sources which time would not permit us to talk tonight. Wish to continue tomorrow God’s

Isaac O. Agbenla

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