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Topic: Danger of sin 3 By Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla

Topic: Danger of sin 3 By Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla
Danger of sin

Good afternoon Saints,

Topic: *Danger of sin 3*

Don’t forget that we look at consequences of sin in the life of a young man recorded in 1 Cor. 5:1-5 in my last post.

Today, I want to look into the possibilities of eternal damnation to an apostates (someone who completely reject Christ Jesus and His atoning work) or the unrepentant Christian.

The purpose of Jesus death, burial and resurrection was to save us from eternal damnation. He didn’t hide this fact when he boasted that nobody can pluck us out of his hands in John 10:29. No power of hell nor scheme of men can take us from his everlasting hands. Even at that, individuals have choice to make.

In Hebrews 7:25, the Bible says:

*Wherefore he is able also to save them to the UTTERMOST that come unto God by him, seeing he ever LIVETH to make INTERCESSION for them.*

My brothers and sisters, Jesus is right there at the right hand of God interceding for us on daily basis. Why is He interceding? So that we can be triumphant in life and return back to glory. If Jesus is able, why would a Christian be unwilling to make it to heaven? There is no doubt that some ended up rejecting him after having adequate knowledge of him

If you are born again, you don’t have to fear hell because that is not created for you but for devil, his co-angels with false prophet and the unbelievers. You see, if indeed you are in fellowship with the father, the reality of your home in heaven will be sure in your heart. Confessing boldly that you are heaven bound will not be heresy to you.

When a Christian fell for temptation (sin), Christ is there interceding for his restoration and victory not looking for eraser to remove his name from the book of life. He may face consequence of his action but His saviour is busy with his recovery not drowning him like men often do. Many people think Jesus has same attitude as some Christians who wishes their leaders or friends would fall so that they can be a better example.

In Romans 8:16, the Bible says:

*The Spirit himself bears witness with our own spirit that we are THE CHILDREN OF GOD*

Can you see that? If you are then conscious of hell, it therefore means that you don’t have the witness again or you don’t even have it at all in the fist place. The Bible says that when we become born again, the Holy Spirit will bear witness which means *confirm to us* that we are now born again. This is not one time experience. It’s till death. I have the assurance of Salvation on my knees that day I gave my life to Christ without any preacher present and I am still very sure as I am writing that heaven is my destination.

You see, if you don’t loose assurance of being born again, why then do you loose assurance that you are going to heaven?

Some things that may likely cause your lack of assurance

1. You are not born again in the first place, maybe you only reacted to the message emotionally. For example, a friend of mine listened to a sermon on a Sunday and had condom in his pocket planning to go and have fun after the service . He threw the condom away during the service through the window, when the message hit him hard but later same day or so, he went and bought another one.

Salvation is a thing of the heart. Why do you think some people run forward again and again? They aren’t sure, no witness in their heart

2. Maybe you have been wrongly taught. They have told you anytime you break a law, your name has been removed from the book of life and hell is next. There are babes and carnal people in Church and they are called brethren by Apostle Paul himself -1 Cor. 3:1-3. What am saying is that, God won’t reject people base on spiritual growth. You don’t loose salvation because you aren’t as perfect as your G. O. If you don’t grow up spiritually, it is at your disadvantage. If you are DWELLING IN SIN, you may need to pray for an encounter with God of salvation. Dwelling in sin is not a normal state of a Christian. It’s absolutely abnormal but not found wanting on the Church as seen in 1 Cor. 5

3. You have totally renounced and completely rejected Jesus works and atonement that is, Jesus is no longer your Lord.

4. You are not in fellowship again which could be as a result of many things. When you are not in fellowship, you are most likely walking after the flesh. You may even be dwelling in sin at the time. You may be hidden from the throne of grace because of your shortcomings.
If that’s your case, God is not far from you but you are far from God. God didn’t stay away from Adam after he fell, he stretched out his hands to him for restoration which is what happen to believers today but it was Adam that was running from God.

You see, the only category of people without hope of eternal salvation are the ones who reject Christ completely after knowing and experiencing God and the power of God.

Listen, if you are a Christian and you are dwelling in sin now, you can always reach out to God for forgiveness and repentance because he is waiting to receive you with his everlasting arms before devil ruin your destiny. There is nothing you will do in life that will make God to abandon you in this life, if you are ready to have fellowship again, he will receive you. Until a born again Christian rejects Jesus, Jesus can’t reject them.

You see, the danger with sin is that it will attract more sin. If you refuse to get back to God when you commit little mistake, you will end up committing bigger mistakes and if you cover it up, devils is on target to strike you and at the end, you may be deceived to think God is not good and not real and then rejects God and be on your way to hell fire. That’s the case of many apostates. Something led them to that hook when they refuse to yield to their heart to little instructions.

Those who are fully apostatised from Christ started from little sin to bigger sin until they completely reject Him and His atoning work as pointed out in Heb. 6:4-9, Heb. 10:26-29, 2 Pet. 2:20-22).

These scriptures above shows that a Christian can backslide, apostatised and completely tear down the foundation of salvation he once held unto.

I will deal more with those scriptures in Part 4 tomorrow by God’s Grace.

Isaac O. Agbenla
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