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The danger of sin 1 By Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla

The danger of sin 1 By Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla

*Morning Saints,*

*The danger of sin 1*

You know what? It is not sin that leads people to hell. It’s ignorance and failure to use their mouth appropriately.

*By your words you will be declared innocent, or by your words you will be declared guilty.”* – Matthew 12:37GWT

*For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.* -Matthew 12:37 KJV

My point here is this, no matter the level of your sin(s), you are not destined for eternal damnation if you can use your mouth to ask for forgiveness and *be saved* ( *For unbelievers*) and for believers, when you make mistake (sin) and you know it, you can also use your mouth to ask for forgiveness *to avoid the torment of devil which he does by destroying your faith*

Jesus had already paid for our sins but note *you are the one that will bear the consequences of your action here on earth*… He has been bruised, chastise, beaten and mocked for our sake so that we can escape eternal damnation. Those who willfully allow their flesh to dictate to them and commit sin will pay for it here on earth -1 Cor.5:1-6.

A believer is no longer a sinner but saint. You will never find a place in all epistles where believers who made mistake were called other names than brethren or saint- 1 Cor. 3 & 5 has enough evidence. They erred and stray away truly like the prodigal son but they are still God’s children.

The main and no.1 danger of sin in a believer’s life is that *it destroys faith* and without faith, it will be impossible to please God-Heb. 11:6.

Sin will destroy your faith in the place of prayer.

It will affect your confidence before the throne of grace if you don’t understand how to appropriate your righteousness in Christ.

When you suppose to approach God with boldness as required in Heb. 4:16 to receive mercy, you will enter God’s presence with fear because devil will always remind you of your sin.

When anything evil happens to you or around you , instead of you to reject it and stand firm, you will think your sins has brought it upon you.

When you are tried, you will see your sin as hindrance to your victory.

Sin ruins your total confidence in the place of warfare.

You will loose inner strength and courage to defend your portion in the competition.

Devil has a way of using your sin as a tool to ruin your fervency in prayer.

You will be deflated inside when devil reminds you how unworthy you are to talk about same sin you committed and now about to correct someone for committing same sin.

Devil will not spare you anytime he has opportunity of telling you how dirty you are and made you think you are the worst thing that has ever happened

.. Sin is poisonous to your Christian living….

It opens gap for the devil to afflict you.. 1 Cor. 5:5 & verse 1-13 when you are free.

It makes you to live like slave instead of son- Gal. 4:1-3.

You don’t loose salvation because you make mistake as a Christian but sin will affect how you see yourself as a Child of God. You will not be able to walk with full assurance of who you are in Christ Jesus. Then, Self pity sets in. You begin to imagine what people would say. You become captive to your own thoughts and imaginations. You become a victim of devil’s victimization.

You are no longer the fervent sister and brother in Church, you are now afraid to cast devils out because he now knows your hidden secret. Devil will begin to create unnecessary fear in you. Wrong spirits will begin to torment you. You are now controlled by demonic utterances.

A righteous man is as bold as Lion. Yes, you are still righteousthrough faith in Christ. You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus but deep within you, there is this unrest and fear of shame and reproach that devil is sending to your heart because you have not settled it with God.

Do you know even though all these things are happening to you, God is not mad at you. God doesn’t stay away from believers in those times, yes, he is right with you. He only needs you to stand up and be bold to tell the devil, you have fallen but you are rising again. He is waiting for you to tell the devil, you are returning home and that you are not accountable to him

Listen, God never ran from Adam when he fell. It was Adam that ran from God. God came down to meet Adam after he sinned but Adam was running. Listen,that is the truth till today. God is always looking for his children where they are hidden. He wants them to stand and take responsibility for their deeds and move on in life.

Listen, when a genuinely born again Christian sinned, he has only borrowed a wrong nature. He doesn’t have the nature of sin again. He has only cross his boundary and only need to retrace his steps and realign himself with the kingdom he belongs. He has not lost his identities. Devil may lied to him/her that he is no longer born again, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is born of God.

Having said that, self righteousness is not the password or username to heaven. Heaven is meant for God’s children not those who don’t have fault but those who kept on holding to their confession of Jesus as Lord till death.

Those who reject Jesus after knowing him or never accepted Jesus at all are the ones going to hell.

Visit for part 2 & 3, I will fully explain some of my sentences.

Thanks for reading
Isaac O. Agbenla

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