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Sometimes some crazy and abnormal things happen to some marriages. A loving, caring husband will stop loving his wife, will abandon her or even divorce her for someone else. That’s today’s reality and one of the growing concerns of some couples around the world.

Now, who are “strange women” talked about in the book of Proverbs 5:3-8? They are today’s SIDE CHICKS who go about destroying other women’s marriages. A side chick is a home breaker and husband snatcher.

For the sake of clarity, I will be using the term *side chick”, and not “strange woman”. A side chick is a lady who deliberately seduces married men either for money, sex, short/ long unholy amorous relationship or even for marriage.

A side chick understands the psychology of men. She knows when a man is happily married or not. She knows when a married man is sexually satisfied or starved. She knows when a husband is being frustrated by his wife at home or not. In most cases, she cashes in on some observed loopholes and strikes.

Some side chicks are even fetish. Many of them use charms and spells on their victims. These victims may just wake up one morning and inform their wives that marriage is over for little or no just cause. Some side chicks influence their victims to get violent, aggressive or dangerous to their wives. No matter how beautiful, sexy, loving, romantic, caring, hardworking a wife is, a side chick cast spell upon one’s husband could rubbish her a big time.

Unfortunately, most times, these side chicks aren’t a match to their victims’ wives at home in terms of beauty, physique, facial looks, love making prowess, culinary skills, personality traits or even homemaking savvy. But because of a cast spell, the victims will change negatively towards their wives and start maltreating them. I must say at this juncture that not all men who fell for side chicks caused their problems. Some husbands were just innocent and unsuspecting fellows.

The question is: can wives keep side chicks off their marriages or homes? The answer is a big YES! Since side chicks are everywhere in town, what then must wives do to protect their homes?

1. Be fully committed to your marriage:
Wives who play with their marriages, especially with their husbands by taking them for granted run the risk of losing them because side chicks often want to fill a seemingly created vacuum in a marriage or husband. As a wife be submissive, don’t neglect your sex life, don’t be passive about your looks, appearance and fashion sense. Always make your marriage a peaceful and conducive home for your husband. When all these aren’t in place again or at all, should a side chick meet your loving husband out there, she will give him or do to/for him all the things you failed to give to do/give him. Please be wise; do your very best.

2. Build a prayer wall around your husband:
Some side chicks are extremely fetish. If a spiritual care isn’t put in place, a very wonderful wife at home may still lose her husband because of a cast spell. I know two good husbands who were snatched away from their wives by side chicks with “juju”. Every husband can be their prey, but with the power of prayer you can protect your husband (Matthew 6:9-14). Have you not seen or heard of stories where a man will abandon his younger wife for a much older woman? Have you not heard of stories where a husband will leave his wife who treats him like a King in his house to go live with a side chick who turns him into some sort of house boy or house help?

Dear wives, Satan is on rampage like never before seeking to destroy marriages through the instrumentality of side chicks. These days it’s not safe to be spiritually careless at all with one’s marriage like those days. These days due to increasing iniquities and immoralities, our lovely and loving husbands are becoming more and more vulnerable. Praying God’s grace over for him to overcome all sexual temptations and protection will go a long way in keeping our marriages safe. Therefore, I pray for you today:

“You will not lose your marriage and home to a side chick in Jesus name!”

“In the name of Jesus, I decree the return of every run-away husband!”

“In the name of Jesus, I decree the peace of God upon every troubled marriage!”

Many thanks for reading, commenting, liking and sharing.

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