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Understanding God’s Righteousness Part 4* By Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla 

Understanding God’s Righteousness Part 4*  By Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla 

Good morning Saints,

*Understanding God’s Righteousness Part 4*

By Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla 

*Being Justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ*

To be justified means to be declared righteous, innocent, guiltless and acquitted. So, another word for justify is to be made righteous.

Do you notice the Bible didn’t say “being justified(made righteous) by our works and keeping of commandments?

The Bible is true. We can’t become righteous after keeping the commandments. We become righteous at salvation. This is a liberation truth devil is keeping away from the Church.

You see, when you become saved, the grace to live right is impacted because you’re made righteous at salvation. You can only live right and stand before God guiltless after the righteousness of God has been given into your account at salvation. It is the righteousness of God in us that manifest in character with time. The righteousness of God is what gives us right standing to even talk to God immediately after salvation. God takes our unrighteousness and give to us Christ righteousness at salvation. That doesn’t mean you’re already perfect but you have left where you use to be. You are no longer slave to sin. You can now say no to sin that stirs at you. You victory over sin however is determined by your devotion to the word of God. Read, study, memorize and meditate in it.

Today, many feel unworthy, unclean, wretched and filled with sense of guilt. Many of our hymns are filled with unbelief and faithless emotions. We sang them to portray our humility. We have been thought that you must confess negatively to show that you aren’t proud. That is the same reason we find it hard to tell the devil “I am worthy and righteous”. For those who will say that with confidence, they are termed proud and full of self. We have reduced sonship to slavery. Why? Because of wrong teachings about righteousness of God.

A man is declared innocent, just, free from guilt, past sin and its consequences. He is now a bona-fide member of God’s family without trace of past failure and misdeed. That is the gospel.

Beloved, even when you forget to read your Bible or pray, you’re not less righteous. Have you made mistake before and you are told your name has been removed from the book of life? Jesus is praying for you just as he refused to cast Peter away but prayed for him.

Does it mean you can continue in sin? No. No and No.

Sin is destructive. It opens you to enemy’s attack. Living right is for your benefit not God’s benefit. It’s whoever that breaks the edge that serpent bite.

Thanks for reading
Isaac O. Agbenla

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