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Justified by the Court of heaven By: Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla 

Justified by the Court of heaven  By: Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla 

Good Morning Saints,

Topic: Justified by the Court of heaven

By: Isaac Oluwaseun Agbenla 

Bible: Rom. 3:24

*Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus*

It’s difficult for an average Christian to believe that they have been justified, that is, made righteous, declare innocent, guiltless and acquitted because of rampant and endemic falsification of the gospel truth.

Lack of knowledge of this truth has made many children of God to be captive to their past sins. They sometimes assume what they are passing through is the consequence of their past deeds. This is what devil make them to believe because their mind is not renewed with the truth from God’s word.

Note: *You will never fully walk in the reality of who you in Christ until you meditate on the Word of God*

Listen, your sin and its consequences ends on the day you meet Jesus and genuinely accepted him as Lord and Saviour. God won’t judge you by the past but devil will do everything to hunt you with your past.

To be justified means to be declared innocent without any prize to pay. It means to be declared guiltless and acquitted by the court of heaven. Notice I said It is the court of heaven that declares you innocent. Earthly court may have something against you as prisoner but if you are born inside the prison today, you’re declare innocent in heaven. Likewise, human beings may still hold your sins against you but God declares innocent and made you righteous the day your surrender your own life to Jesus as Lord and Saviour. This is why devil will try to persecute every Christian that receives this unmerited favour. Devil knows you have just escaped damnation and he will want to hunt you by your past.

At salvation, your lost glory is restored. Your lost womb is replaced new one, I your sorrow is replaced with joy, your disappointment turns appointment with God. Most importantly, your stony heart is replaced with the heart of flesh and a new Spirit God put within you. You stop being ordinary or old but new person in Christ Jesus. Your change kingdom from darkness to Light and your from from hell-bound candidate to heaven-bound candidate.

Brethren, God is not the one reminding of your past sins and failures. 1 John 1:7-9 says if we confess our sins, God will wash us from all sins and unrighteousness. God will be unjust to say this and yet not forgive if you indeed and genuinely repent of such sin. God doesn’t disobey his word. When God declares a man innocent and acquitted, no devil can put you under same guilt again. Your freedom is from God not man.

You see, the Bible says we are justified *freely*. It means no sacrifice or random is needed from you. All you need is your faith. Jesus has paid the prize, he is the ransom and he used himself as the sacrifice. You have no prize to be declare innocent and just.

Have you killed, committed abortion, indulge in sexual immorality, involve in cultism? Jesus will declare you innocent and acquitted if you surrender your life to him today. He hates the sin you’re committing but loves you as his own creation. Jesus didn’t come into the world to condemn you but to reconcile you and I back to God so that eternal life will be given to us as gift.

Beloved, grace is available and door of mercy is widely opened.

Will you allow this time to pass over you again?

Do you want to waste this privilege of coming out of darkness to Light?

The consequences of denying Jesus is worst than death by hanging.

Run to Jesus this morning and you shall sing a new song.

Prayer of salvation

*Father, I come to you today as I am. I believe I have sinned and Jesus already paid for my sin. I believe he died and resurrected on the day. I accept Jesus into my heart and confess him as my Saviour and Lord. Thank you for accepting me, in Jesus name I pray. Amen.*

Send me direct message if you have taken that decision.

Isaac O. Agbenla
Oracle of God

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