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Long Fasting; Who commanded it? By: Isaac O. Agbenla

Long Fasting; Who commanded it?  By: Isaac O. Agbenla

Long Fasting; Who commanded it?

By: Isaac O. Agbenla

Before you engage in fasting of any kind, have it in mind that fasting doesn’t change God.

Before we fast, during fast and after fast, God will remain God. He doesn’t move and He doesn’t change.

It’s important to also note that we can change ourselves and histories through fasting as seen in the case of Daniel when he interceded for the land and the Jews & Esther when they fasted to avert the planned annihilation of the Jews (Esther 4,5,6) .

When we fast personally, it is our own self that becomes more sensitive, devoted and committed to spiritual activities during this period because God is ever committed and spiritual. We generate power and become more conscious spiritually if we indeed utilize the time appropriately.

Having said that, nobody in the Bible fasted for 40 days without divine support.

1. Moses was before God in the cloud: Exo. 34:28
2. Elijah ate spiritual meal from the angel twice before he embarked on the journey: 1 King’s 19:8… The angel told him the purpose of the food is to be able to go far in the journey without food
3. Jesus was ministered to by an angel: Matthew 4:1-2

You see, don’t try to fast for show or to proof superiority. If you are going on 40 days because you want to compete with someone it is called suicide mission and it’s unprofitable (Matt. 6:16-18)

Moses was called to the presence of God where he fasted.

Jesus was led into the wilderness to be tested during fasting

Elijah was told he was eating for a journey and God was involved.

If God doesn’t instruct you, be careful lest pride destroy you. Many pastors have died of fasting because they acted ignorantly.

Fasting for 40 days is not a sin but never try it without fruits and liquid.

21 days is next to 40 days and only one record of such was mentioned in the Bible- Daniel.(Daniel 10:2-3)

In Daniel 10:3, the Bible says:

*I ate no pleasant bread, neither came flesh nor wine in my mouth, neither did I anoint myself at all, till three whole weeks were fulfilled.*

Even Daniel didn’t fast absolutely. He abstain from some foods but not all. He categorically said he didn’t eat flesh and never took wine. It therefore implies that he took some things but not all kind of food and drink.

He ate but he stayed away from pleasant bread which could mean today delicious, oily or whatever. His fasting wasn’t absolute.

Don’t engage on 21 days except you are commanded and don’t try it except you are ready to take liquid otherwise, you may learn at the back of the world.

7 days fast is not so much dangerous anyway, even at that that,take liquid.

You see, majority of those who fasted for 7 days without food and water most times sleep more than half of the period because no much strength to pray.

it’s better to fast and pray effectively for 3 days than to fast for 7 days and pray scarcely.

Daily fasting is not a sign of inferiority. it’s better as far as you are going to work. Don’t try to impress anyone with fasting. It’s your life and your body.

God will answer daily prayer just as he answers 21 days and so on.

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God bless you
Isaac O. Agbenla
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