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Secret of Divine Guidance By Isaac O. Agbenla

Secret of Divine Guidance By Isaac O. Agbenla

Secret of Divine Guidance

By Isaac O. Agbenla

Meekness simply means to be teachable. It means to be humble enough to take correction and rebuke from God with good heart.

Meekness is the main secret to divine direction. No one can enjoy divine leading without readiness to abide by the instruction. We can only be led by how much we are ready to humble ourselves and accept God’s leading as the only way to our destination.

Beloved, if God gives instruction and you refuse to abide by it; it will be difficult for you to receive another one. The bible says God will guide the meek. Do you need divine guidance? Meekness is a virtue that must have expression in your life on daily basis.

In Ps 25:9b, the bible says ….and the meek will he teach his way. Do you desire to know his way? Then, you must be teachable. His way in the verse simply means his perfect will maybe in marriage or other areas of life. Nobody want to teach someone that is not teachable.

You see, God can’t lead a proud man. If you’re not ready to learn from God and put what you learnt into practice, then, you are not ready for his leading. Most importantly, if you read the bible which is God’s word and you refuse to obey it; it will be difficult for you hear his voice.

For example, God’s word says don’t steal, don’t commit fornication but you decided to do otherwise, you are simply saying you don’t need his lordship over your life.

There is different between Jesus being your Saviour and Jesus being your Lord. He is your Saviour because you believe and confessed him but being your Lord means you submit yourself under his authority and Lordship. You can submit yourself under someone without keeping his instruction. And you see, Jesus leads only those who are ready to submit themselves under his authority and leadership.

If you haven’t surrender your life to Jesus, every effort to be led will be in vain. He won’t lead you until he is your Lord and Saviour. Accept Jesus Today and stop living a frustrated and confused life.

Thanks for reading.
Isaac O. Agbenla
Oracle of God

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